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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Once again, in order to prove how easy it is to write children’s books, The Cranky Old Man offers a new story in the same vein as “Oinky The Pig”.  Sit back children, enjoy the story and sleep tight.
(Another Cranky Fable for Spoiled Little Kids)
 Squeaky was a young squirrel, only one year old.  He was young, but in squirrel age he was old enough to be on his own.  He left his mother only months ago and now in the early spring he clung to his own big oak tree. 
Squeaky was an acrobatic little squirrel able to jump from tree limb to tree limb with ease.  He preferred, however, to stay close to the tree trunk.  His mother had told him to always try and cling to the trunk.  That is mostly what Squeaky did.  He would race around, up and down the massive trunk, and he stayed away from the branches.
One day a large bird landed on a branch, several feet from Squeaky.  “Hi, I’m Divey the Hawk.  What is your name?”
“Squeaky,” the little squirrel replied.
“Come out on the branch, I want to show you something.” Divey said.
“I don’t think so, Divey, I prefer to stay on the trunk.”
“OK, but you may not be able to see my trick.  Watch this.  See that leaf on the ground?” 
Before Squeaky could answer, Divey Kicked off the branch, flapped his wings, and soared up and up.  Divey circled once, then tucked in his wings and dove toward the ground.  At the last second before he crashed to the ground, Divey threw out his wings, pulled up, and snatched the leaf in his talons.  Divey flapped his wings once, and landed right back on the branch.
“Wow, that was neat” said Squeaky, “but I didn’t see you grab the leaf.”
“That’s because you clung to the trunk.  Come out on the branch and watch; I’ll do it again.”
“Well, I’m not supposed to….though I don’t know why….hmmm….well maybe just a little.”  Squeaky crept out several feet on the branch.
Divey said “Watch this.  Keep your eyes on that twig on the ground.”
Divey kicked off again, arose high in the air, circled once, then tucked in his wings and dove head first toward the twig on the ground.  Once again at the last second, Divey pulled up as he grabbed the twig, and then alit on the branch close to Squeaky.  “How was that?”  Divey asked.
“That was really cool” Squeaky said, “but I still missed the end of your dive.”  “You’re too close to the trunk” said Divey. “Come out to the end of the branch and I’ll show you again.”
“I guess that would be ok.”  The cute little squirrel replied.
“Watch this then.” Once again Divey took to the air, and Squeaky scampered out to the end of the branch.
Divey circled once, tucked in his wings and dove for the ground.  This time before he reached the ground, Divey pulled up and as he reached the end of the branch, stuck out his talons, snatched Squeaky from the branch, and flew away carrying the struggling squirrel.
“What the Fuck!!” Squeaky howled, “Where are we going?”
“Back to my nest to eat you.”  Said the hawk. 
“Damn!”  Squeaky said.  “That’s the last time I’ll ever go out on a limb!”
“Yes it is.” Divey said, “Yes it is.”
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