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Wednesday, January 24, 2024





I just finished talking to my son about children.  He has two heading smack dab into teenage years.  Parenting is not easy, but being a parent to a teenager is brutal.

Newborns are tough, you get little sleep and you worry about every hiccup burp and poop.  But you love them like you never thought you could love and they love right back as without you they cannot exist.

Toddlers are the best, they keep you on your toes, but nothing is as cute as a toddler.  Even puppies are not as cute as a toddler, though this age is very similar to the puppy stage.

From toddler to a growing school age child, their growth both physical and mental is astounding and pure joy to watch. 

Pre-teen is still about the same except they may actually start to question your rules and reasons.

Then there are teenagers. UGH!!!

Horrible years. 

Horrible for the teen as they go through so many changes in size, ideas, and HORMONES. 

They are confused and they question everything. 

As teenagers they realize that parents are not always right, and this realization has them questioning a parent’s EVERY belief and rule.  These are very difficult years for the teenager.  I know I hated most of my teenage years.

Then again, the only thing more difficult than being a teenager, is having a teenager!

My son’s theory is that without these years, parents would never want to see their children grow up and leave, and children would never want to leave.

Your teen may yell at you, “I wish I had never been born” and you might just have the same thought. 

I mean you still love them, you still worry about them, but maybe you are ready to love and worry about them from a distance.

It is an age where they are upset because you worry so much and want to control them, but also get upset and think you just don’t care, if you don’t worry and don’t try to control them.

Neither child or parent can win the teen years, you just have to try and survive.

My son did raise an interesting point.  I’m not sure if he is correct or not, I don’t know the Bible well enough, but his point was,

“I don’t think the Bible has anything about Jesus as a teen.  He was born, he learned a trade as any obedient child of those times, and next thing, he was walking on water and curing lepers.  Nothing about his teen years. The Bible ignores his teen years. I think EVEN JESUS was horrible as a teen!”

Actually, looking back, my four teens were pretty good.  We did not fight too much and I enjoyed a lot about those years.  Sometime they try and tell me stories of antics I never knew about.  I stop them in their tracks. 

“As long as you survived, I don’t want to know about it!”

I’ll bet Jesus tipped a few cows, told a few lies, and skipped out of a few Hebrew classes.  Please just keep these stories out of the Bible.

 I don’t want to know about that either.

For more, see my manual for "Raising A Teenager"


  1. The closest the Bible comes to talking about Jesus as a teen is when he was around 12 and the episode of him staying behind at the Temple after the Passover when his parents were heading home. Scared the kadiddle out of them and once they found him, Luke 2: 51-52 says, "And he went down with them, and came to Nazareth, and was subject unto them: but his mother kept all these sayings in her heart. And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man."

    Nothing about cow tipping, but staying behind in the big city without permission while the rest of the family headed home was quite the stunt.

    1. Thanks Mimi, I thought you would have the answer; so he did give his folks a start, but all with good intent.

  2. I hope Jesus watched where he stepped on his way to tipping cows. Sandals are not safe for the pasture.

  3. Looking back I don’t know how I raised 3 teen boys as a single mom. Those were crazy years. I thought I did a decent job - we always ate together at the dinner table and for the most part I thought all was fine. It’s only years later, they tell me about sneaking out at night, driving 100 mph with their friends with their headlights off and other things I really didn’t need to know now. We survived but I’d never have teenagers again. I’ll stick with my dog and my cat!

    1. That's funny! The most we can do is wish teenagers on them.

  4. In recent years I've learned about a few things my kids got up to as teens that I never knew about and some things they "confessed " to me I had to tell them "I knew that but let you go anyway." All in all, my four weren't bad at all as teens and there were times we could all laugh at the same things.

  5. The teen years are the start of them thinking they know more than you and it never really ends.

  6. We raised 4 boys and yes those teen years had their ups and downs. The saying that time heals all wounds kind of relates to looking back at those years and thinking my kids weren't too bad all the while knowing my gray hair says otherwise! On the flip side, yesterday was 20yrs since my nephew of 18 passed away in a car accident a mile from home. Time will not heal that wound of a teenager driving too fast to get home. Hug your kids whenever you can.

  7. you write awesomely dear Joe !
    one reads like walking on silk ground ,sorry if my appreciation does not sound good as after lunch time this is all i got in my mind .we had no power for many days and that made me think if our city was on solar light .today sun came out and so is the light and i could open laptop gladly .
    i so enjoyed the post .
    i raised three kids and boys are tougher i guess as teens. but one thing that hardships of teenage again more depends on what type of nature child has . i remember i was pathetic teenager .and irritatingly caring . i grew up worst with time
    my eldest son gave us no tough time but was flexible sweet soul though not over caring like me thankfully. he is changing now though and has learnt to live independently totally which means he does not share much but only things that are related to us .this is wise of course but will take time to absorb by asian parents .
    my middle son was mild in behavior but quite smart and knew when to and how to respond .
    but youngest is tougher one and lacks that level of sensibility though is really helpful and caring but he is learning to adjust his emotional side .so we learn lot while raising these three teenagers but i wish i have gift like you to say this as nicely :)

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