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Thursday, January 18, 2024

Mrs. C Gets a Snow Day


Mrs. C Gets a Snow Day


Mrs. C just found out her 7 am job has been cancelled due to snow.  She works part time at a local theater and a rare morning graduation event was postponed a week.

Mrs. C was practically giddy.  She has been nursing a cold and really did not feel like getting up early for work.  Of course, she could have called in sick, except she can’t…some sort of stupid work ethic in her DNA.

Her excitement reminded me of school days when snow started to fall in the evening before a big assignment was due.  Could I postpone working on the assignment?  It had been handed out two weeks ago, so I still had time to start…well kind of…but with the snow I could procrastinate even more!

The wise move of course would be to start and finish the assignment. 

So, I closed my books and watched the snow almost blot out the street light.  No way we would have school, except our district was proud of how they could stay open when others closed…but this was a blizzard.

The next morning, I was up early to hear if school was cancelled.  The local show, “Rambling with Gambling” called out closings every fifteen minutes.

“Here are the closings, “Don Bosco Prep (always the first, I think the school was on a large hill) Rahway, East Orange, All New York City (Holy crap, NYC never closes this is a good sign) Newark, Piscataway, Metuchen, East Brunswick, South Brunswick Hell all the Brunswick’s…on and on until finally WESTFIELD!!!

Back to bed, plenty of time to shovel, and plenty of time for that assignment.

I loved the snow, especially on school days.



  1. I’ve lived a sheltered life. Never experienced the thrill of a snow day. 🥲

  2. I did the same thing as a teacher. Did I have to stay up late grading those papers? Nah. Surely school would be canceled... At least we had a phone tree to get our notification before it hit the TV scroll. Our school also started with West. Agonizing to watch and wait, hoping that the people ahead of me on the phone tree might have been in the shower, or sleeping too soundly when the call came in.

  3. We never had snow days but sometimes got let out of school early on extreme heat days. Many of the kids carried their swimming gear just in case and went straight to the pool or the beach instead of home.

  4. I'm sorry Mrs. C wasn't feeling good but I hope she had a great snow day and I'm sure you took good care of her! Growing up in Chicago we really had to have a blizzard before they closed school but oh how we loved those rare stay home days!

  5. We didn't get snow days. Hurricane days, yes. Once we knew where landfall was going to be, if you were anywhere that only got a bit of rain, back to school you went.