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Tuesday, December 13, 2022

People are Ass-hats…Regulations are Stupid


People are Ass-hats…Regulations are Stupid

Just as I have about given up this blog thing, something arises that I must rant about.  Yes, I could rant to Mrs. C, but she just ignores me. It’s like talking to a wall, or Joe Biden giving a speech*.


I seldom go to the grocery store, but when I do it almost always inspires a rant.  Today was no different.  Actually, today’s trip inspired two rants.

The first:

People are ass-hats:

Most times when I go to the grocery store, I am only going to pick up three or four items.  I don’t need a cart, one of those carry around plastic baskets will do just fine.  Except you no longer can find one of those plastic carry around baskets.


It seems that New Jersey recently passed a law against stores packing groceries, or anything for that matter, in plastic bags.  I have no problem with this law. It drives me crazy when I buy a pack of gum only to have it handed back to me in a plastic bag;  a waste of money and environmentally dumb. 

Buy some gum, kill a sea turtle.

Anyway, as a result of this new law, people need to bring their own bags to the grocery store, which they forget, so instead they just take their goods home in one of the store’s plastic carry around baskets. It took about a week before the stores ran out of the baskets.

The stores find little reason to buy new ones only to be taken by these ass-hats.  Hence, I have to push a cart around for my three items.

Rant worthy? Probably not, but after all, I am a cranky old man.

The second, also not rant worthy, but then…well, you know:

Regulations are stupid

On the way out of the store I was offered a pack of free face masks.

Free, I tell you! Nice ones too.  Why were they offered for free?

Apparently, they were passed their expired date.

How do face masks expire?  How long is their expiration period?  Does some one get paid to determine how long a face mask can stay on the shelf until it is no longer safe to use?  What can go wrong if I use an expired face mask?  If I catch the flu while wearing an expired face mask, can I sue the store?

There is probably an explanation as to why a face mask must have an expiration date, to which I say with out even hearing said explanation,


Still, I now have a free pack of expired face masks.  I mostly use them to protect my face from the wind during our cold winters. I suspect the expiration date does not keep the masks from keeping out the cold, so I’m good.

That’s it, end of rants.  Mrs. C thanks you for listening so she does not have to.


*Attempt at political humor…I think that is still legal.


  1. Hilarious and absolutely rant worthy! We have a ton of those handbaskets which I prefer to the wobbly wheel on the cart any day. Face masks with an expiration date because the brainiacs that study crap like that don't have anything better to do with their college degrees? I am so missing common sense in this country... By the way, Merry Christmas to you and Mrs. C.

  2. That’s crazy that the people are taking home those hand baskets. I’ve never seen that here. Do you guys there have these metal poles sticking up in your shopping carts yet? Now that’s crazy. Maybe it’s due to all the homeless that steal the baskets. You can’t take those carts out of the stores if they have that metal pole. I ended up getting myself one of those foldable shopping carts I keep in my car if I should encounter this. It’s a hassle.

    I’m shaking my head over the expired face masks. You raised a lot of valid questions. Let’s face it, just about nothing surprises me anymore.

  3. People ARE asshats! Do they bring the baskets back next time to shop, or were the same asshats taking multiple baskets? What do they do with those baskets at home? Throw them away? I don't know how asshats think.

    Free face masks. Here, this product has expired, and is not safe to use now, so we can't sell it. Please take this product for FREE, and use it. How does that make sense? I think New Jersey needs a regulation for that!

  4. expiration dates on facemasks? I don't get that at all. Okay I am not moving to NJ. Can't pump your own gas, must buy your own bags. I bet the grocery stores sells them too huh? Whatever happened to paper or plastic. I'd always do paper. I suppose I'm killing a tree instead of a sea turtle so there is that but what are the bags made of? Recycled plastic? Do they have self checkouts in NJ? I would assume not since you can't even do your own gas. So if no self checkouts I think that is a win. BUT people ARE asshats everywhere! Rant away!

    1. We do have self check out, but I refuse to use it. And I hate pumping gas. We went to Virginia a few years ago and I filled my brand new car with diesel.

  5. Ass-hats for sure. Did you take the free masks? I should check my boxes of masks and see if they have an expiration date. Which I will then ignore. Merry Christmas to both of you.

  6. Expired face masks?? Hey I give them the milk test. If they don't smell, I use them:) As for stolen baskets, what is wrong with people??

  7. Is the pretty girl on the box (at least, I presume she's pretty, behind the mask) included with the box of masks? If not, could that be construed as false or misleading advertising? (Yeesh, it's no wonder I haven't posted anything new in over a year, if I have to reach for 'humor' like that. . .)

  8. On Tuesdays i write about Carl, who pushes carts at a Mall-Mart. The store is next to a section 8 apartment complex and many of the carts go missing as people simply push them around the fence put up to prevent this and into the busy street to get to that complex. Of course, the next time they come for groceries, they do not do the store the favor of pushing the cart back, they just take another.

    Management has to send people to round them up from the complex, pushing them back into the busy street to get them around the fence put up just to prevent the carts from wandering off.

    Yes, people can be very thoughtless, especially when they then yell at Carl and his co-workers because there aren't enough carts left at the store and they have to wait for one to then bring back to the apartment complex with them.

    Tell Mrs. C she's welcome, i enjoy your writing and am glad whenever you post.

  9. What? No hand baskets because people are stealing them. I thought they only absconded with the carts. Our grocery stores often don't have anyone on checkout in the early morning, so we're forced to do our own. It's a time-consuming mess, esp. if you have produce that must be entered and weighed. We don't mind learning new skills, but grocery checkout isn't on our list of new things to learn. We not only have masks that have probably "expired" but Covid tests, too.

  10. Amusing and ironical dear Joe
    If you were a lady expiry date of the face mask would have valuable enough to you think twice before using it for cold protection lol