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Wednesday, December 21, 2022

An Evening With The Cranky’s


An Evening With The Cranky’s


So, I’m sitting in bed with Mrs. C watching the Paul Simon special.  A group is announced to do one of his songs and Mrs. C says,

“Where is that Rich dude from the Apprentice?”

Keep in mind that I have known maybe three of the many performers on this special and those, I knew the name but did not recognize as they are now so old.  I even had to ask who the blind dude was…Stevie Wonder for crispy sake…anyway…


“That Rich dude from Trump’s show, Celebrity Apprentice.”

“What are you talking about, most of the celebrities were rich.”

“Not a rich dude, a dude named Rich, the one with the big black hat.  He was a real ass.”

“What?  The guy with the big black hat was a good guy.”

“Not the one with the deep voice, he is a good guy, the other one, you know, the real ass, Rich something.”

“OK, I have no idea and what does that have to do with this act?”

“He was in this group.”

“I guess he isn’t anymore.”

“Google it.”

“What should I Google?”

“Google the group.”

“What is the group?”

“I think it’s Rich and Something.”

“You’re killing me.”

“Google the Rich guy on The Apprentice.”

“OK, I get a list of the wealthiest contestants on the show.”

“Google country singer with a big black hat.”

Of course, every country singer in the world wears a big black hat, but how many have the first name Rich?”

More than a few.

“There is a Don, a Charlie, a Tyler, a John, none first name Rich.”

“That’s it, John Rich.  He is in a different group, not this one.  But he was an ass.”

“Who was the good dude with the black hat?”

“The one with the really great deep voice?”


“Something Tracy I think.”

Five more Google searches later.

“Trace Adkins!”

“That’s him, we liked him.”

Twenty minutes of my life I’ll never get back, but that is:

An Evening With The Cranky’s.













  1. Sounds like a fun evening, TV and a quiz.

  2. Ha ha, I have been down that rabbit hole and it can be done. Thank goodness for Google.

  3. Haha - We do the same thing - it must be an age thing.

  4. If I was sitting in bed between you and Mrs. C, I could have told you both names. Not that it's something I'm proud of... I saw that special was going to be on, but didn't watch it. I had been checking the channel for the new season of "Tough As Nails." Must start after the new year. I love my reality competition shows.

  5. You lost me at Black Hat but please have a wonderful Christmas! You always make me laugh!