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Thursday, June 2, 2022

Things That make me Cranky


Things That make me Cranky


I’m old.  I don’t like most new things.  I don’t like most new trends.  Nothing wrong with new things.  Nothing wrong with new trends.  I just don’t like most of them.  I’m old.

The following is a list of new things and new trends that particularly are the aluminum foil on my dental fillings.


“My mom house.”  Umm, (‘S)!  What happened to the possessive?

“I had went to the store.”  I get tense over tenses.  Went, or had gone, “had went” is a splinter under my fingernail.

“You guyses.” I’m pretty sure the plural of guy is guys.

"I borrowed him some money" Umm, do you mean you lent some money to him?

At this point let me say my grammar is far from perfect, and I am a lousy speller, but how did people get past second grade with “My mom house.” “I had went to the store.”  “You guyses.” and "I borrowed him some money"? I’m pretty sure these people have NEVER been corrected.  Are teachers today afraid to correct kids on grammar? WHY??

Anyway, on with my list.

People do not know how to cross the street.  You might want to at least look first.  Hell, I look both ways crossing a one-way street.

Personal pronouns!!!  ARRRRGH!! Burns like fresh cheese pizza on my palate.

Literally/Actually/Awesome.  ARRRGH!!!

Cell phones  OK, actually I often literally think they are awesome...sometimes.

Things that “trigger” people.  Send me a list and I will try to avoid the 187,264 things that “trigger” people today.

People with crazy eyes that are allowed to buy guns.  Need I explain?

Alexa. Just because.

Music blaring from a car with windows down.  If you turn the music down and roll up the windows you can enjoy it and I won’t hear it…I get it, you are cool.

Strangers who tell me to “smile things can’t be that bad!”  You don’t know that…FUCK YOU!!

People who brag about not watching TV.  I don’t go to OPERA, and I’ve never seen or desire to see “Hamilton” but I don’t brag about it…WTF?

People who need to tell me that Golf is just a stupid game where you chase a little ball around the grass.  Yeah, and Nuclear Physics is just splitting an atom.

Lists of stupid things that annoy…wait…

OK, I’m done.





  1. Nice list and some of these I think of too. Like the things can't be that bad. Often say that...not out loud, but I say it.

    Have a fabulous day, Joe. ☺

  2. Always look both ways when crossing a one-way street. The people on bicycles don't care that they are heading the wrong direction, trust me.

  3. I think a nice little shot of whiskey could help with all that crankiness….lol. Maybe for breakfast.
    Seriously, I understand the grammar thing. It drives me crazy!

  4. "Are teachers today afraid to correct kids on Grammar?"
    Probably, because the id will go home and tell what the teacher said and the next day there might just be a shooting at the school because some irate parent got upset at the teacher correcting his kid.

  5. May I present, for your "cranksideration," those people who want to BAN TOGETHER to get something done. It's BAND! BAND BAND BAND together, you simpletons! Sorry. I try not to be judgmental, but you brought out my crankiness.

  6. Tense gets to me also but had to laugh at the one way street. Me too on looking both ways:)

  7. I know I have a bad habit of using "Actually" and I do say "Awesome" sometimes. I'm trying to break this...honest I am. I don't like the music blaring from a open car window either...and I agree, about those who say they don't watch TV. Well good for them. I do and I enjoy it. I don't spend all day watching but honestly it is non of their business and it does smell of them thinking they are better. I don't like any hint of superiority from anyone. That's a big turn off for sure. One thing I can't stand to hear that is being used all the time "we're in this together" Okay so if we are all in this together, then why are we all fighting and hating each other?

    Lets face it, times are strange now.

    1. Good one, and I'm pretty sure "we're in this together" means "do what we tell you to do."

  8. I'm getting a longer Laundry List of things that make me Cranky, so... ergo, I think by Society's standards I must be getting Old too? Now, get off my Lawn...