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Monday, June 27, 2022

Thoughts About God


Thoughts About God

I am not a religious man.  I believe there is a powerful force that is responsible for life.  Based on the beauty around me this force could not be evil. 

I was raised Christian.  Do I believe all I was taught?  Truthfully, no.  What I was taught came from other humans.  I believe Jesus was a human.  A very special human.  Son of God?  Maybe…what do I know, and why do I believe just because I have been told so?

I do believe in a powerful force.  Let’s call it God.  No matter what science can explain, eventually all answers come to God.  The first molecule…where did it come from?  Has to be God.  That molecule evolved into the world as we know it?  

God apparently has lots of time and lots of patience.

Anyway, that is my religious belief.  I hope there is an afterlife, that would be nice, assuming of course I have lived well enough to go up and not down.

So, I do believe in God, but beyond that I have no idea what he has in mind for us or if there is anything else beyond what we currently know.  I was fine before I was born…I, when the time comes…

I do pray, or try and talk to God from time to time.  Recently I have been asking for help to get a few friends through some difficult times.

Then I have been reading about people in cultures that have difficulties which make problems of mine and my love ones seem like less than nothing.

If God chooses to help the truly unfortunate, my friends, family and myself need to pick a number which is not likely to be called…EVER!

I had this thought as I was enjoying some nice wine, and a fine cigar, while sitting by the ocean and watching my grandson try and catch fish in the surf.

What am I asking God to do for me?  I have had some difficult times.  I have been kicked in the teeth a few times, but on the whole, I have all that most people could ever want.  What nerve for me to ask God for anything.

And so, my prayer turned from “Please help this person” or “Please get me through this issue” to:

THANK YOU!!  Thank you for all I have and for all you have given me.  I’ve done nothing to deserve what I have while so many have so little, so THANK YOU!

I grew up hearing “Ask and you shall receive” and I think for many that sentiment should really just be “Thank you for what you have given me!”

Maybe I’ve just had a bit too much wine.



  1. As I started reading, I realised that my thoughts and yours were matching........ till the end of the fifth para.
    Afterlife ? well my belief is that there is no afterlife.
    And then "THANK YOU!! Thank you for all I have and for all you have given me." That is something I too do/pray.

  2. I need to say Thank You more often myself.

  3. I believe much along the lines as you. I do pray but almost always for a friend, family member or sometimes a whole country that is in distress. Ok, I did throw in my transmission but that was a PS to a prayer about my sister. While I rarely ask for myself, I tend to give him big time thanks for daily blessings. Haven't been in a church in years. It is organized religion I can't buy into.

  4. Yes. There is some higher power or energy. Sentient? Benign? Just? I do not know.

  5. If too much wine caused this then let's allow everyone to have too much wine!!

  6. Though I'm a chronic complainer, I am always grateful for what I have. That's why I kick in a dollar for the 10:00 a.m. alcoholic without enough money to buy the smallest bottle of whiskey, and for the vaper with not quite enough in her pocket for the cheapest vape. Just helping out my fellow humans, not judging them.

  7. I pray daily mostly to ask forgiveness and a promise to repent...then of course I do say thanks for all I have and truly that's what really matters. Gratitude helps my attitude. I'm grateful for your posts that always make me smile, think, and enjoy!

  8. "Thank you" is a great place to start.

  9. I, too, think "thank you" can be in order. I understand all that God created, but where did God come from?