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Monday, June 6, 2022

Stop the World, we want to get off


Stop the World, we want to get off

Written by we, ourselves and us.

I recently read an article about a protestor who tied themselves to the net during a French Tennis Open match.  The article said they were an environmental protestor.  I found something about the article confusing…I must be getting old.  

Of course, I was under the impression that pronouns are to be used based on a person's choice, but apparently the media is now deciding that if not specified, the accepted LGBTQIA+ pronouns should be used.

I shouldn’t be confused about the new use of pronouns.  Nothing wrong with political correctness.  I am learning; for instance, this happened the other day:

We were shopping at the market by ourselves and we started to talk to the person behind us.  They were only buying a few items, so we asked them if they wanted to step in line in front of us.  We were alone as were they and not in a hurry.  My wife was at home and they weren’t waiting for us for anything, so we figured we could let them step in front of us and it would not bother my wife who was home alone by themselves.

Anyway, this person replied that it was OK, they were not in a hurry so they could wait.

While the two of us were chatting, the cashier asked us for our store card while they rang up our groceries.  We then bagged our groceries, we paid and left.

The person behind thanked us for our gesture and we told them they were welcome.

If this is confusing, at least it does not offend, after all, that is very important.



  1. Comment by Should Fish More has been deleted unread because I do not like him. He has a problem and I don't care.

  2. I'm used to "they" meaning more than one, so it took a minute before I realised what you were writing.

  3. Heh, heh! I especially like your "Written By" credit.

  4. Yes this was confusing if politically correct and clever. Can't they go back to the old pronouns please? We are too old for this:)

  5. I did find this a bit confusing as I am just getting used to "me, myself, and I" Have a good week...all of mind.

  6. Pretty clever. I had to read it the 2nd time to fully get it.
    I am so fed up by the pronouns and all of it. Basically I just avoid people - no eye contact, no verbal connection whatsoever. My social circle is more like a a few dots - you just never know who or where these people are and of course they are always offended. MY son said he attended a wedding of a trans-male and didn't even know it until after the wedding. He always thought the guy was a real guy. Crazy mixed up world.

  7. Brilliant! This perfectly illustrates the problem with these new "rules" about pronouns. I have a much-loved niece who announced she wanted to be non-binary (I had to look it up). It's so darned awkward and the only result has been really stilted conversations rather than our usual loving "stream of consciousness" talks. I feel it's distanced us. I tried to talk to her about it but she has that arrogance of youth combined with an extremely "woke" attitude. I actually find it extremely sad.