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Thursday, July 7, 2022

We’ve Got 99 Problems, but Woke Ain’t One


We’ve Got 99 Problems, but Woke Ain’t One


*If you are offended by a politicly incorrect thought or idea, please do not read this post.  


A few years ago, there was a RAP song, “I’ve Got 99 Problems, But a Bitch Ain’t One.”  It was a catchy tune as I recall, and for some reason, perhaps it was an “un-woke” time, people did not have an issue with the misogynist use of the “B” word. 

Do I have to say the “B” word? Afterall it is Bitch in the title, so why need to refer to the actual titular word, Bitch, as “The “B” word? Nevermind, don’t ask, just do.

Maybe we could just change the title to “I’ve Got 99 Problems, But Woke Ain’t One.”

I mean, we have inflation higher than I can remember.  (Well, it was even worse at some point in my life, I just can’t remember.) 

There is a recession looming, drugs are pouring into the country and hundreds of people are poisoned and killed from them every day.

Our borders are open to who knows who, Covid is still not under control.

Russia is destroying a country and murdering its citizens and I don’t think anyone really understands why.

Crime is rampant and it is not just in cities, it is coming to a place near you.  Pull up to a stop sign and someone just taps on your window with a gun and takes your car.  Happened near me in the middle of the day on a nice rural street.

Nut jobs with high power rifles just pick off innocent people, shoppers and school kids for no apparent reason (see Russia/Ukraine).

Racism is more prominent than any time I can remember (once again, it was even worse at some point in my life, I just can’t remember).

We have Government leaders who don’t seem to understand leadership, which just leaves us with government.  Government kind of works best with some leadership.

I could go on and on… (actually I have run out of stuff, but with a little help I could probable get to the 99 problems.) 

Is woke one?

If we lose he, him and his, she, her and hers, and replace those with they, them and theirs, did we fix any problem? 

In light of 99 problems, is it really important that we replace “Mother” with “Birthing Person”?  

Do we change  "Father" to "Sperm injecting Person?

I was recently chastised for referring to Meryl Streep as a great actress.  Apparently, they is now an actor.

Having been so enlightened, I now feel much better.

Does changing a pronoun help a person with a penis that prefers to have a vigina feel any better?

Is it important to bend over backwards and change our language so as to not offend maybe 3 percent of the country? And, if we do, does that really improve their life?


How many people can identify what those symbols stand for?  I’ll spot you LGB and maybe T, but I bet most non LGBTQIA+ persons have to Google the QIA and +. 

BTW, the Q stands for Queer which used to be the “Q” word.

Could we just use NTGP for non-traditional gender persons?

I can and I will.

Now we have 98 problems, and woke ain’t one.


*The Cranky Old Man is in favor of legislation that keeps guns out of the wrong persons hands, is against Capitol Punishment, hates racism, has no objection to gay marriage, believes that abortion with limits has a place in our legal system; yet is considered by many to be a despicable conservative, possibly even a Republican abomination, due to occasionally daring to say the unsayable.







  1. Our world depresses me. It seems something new happens each day - I have no words anymore...I guess I have cancelled myself.

  2. Ah, it all just makes a person tired. I keep hoping we are better than this but each day brings more disappointment in the headlines.

  3. I'm confused about all the different pronouns these days and will continue t use the originals unless someone gets up in my face and tells me directly it is now **** (whatever they have chosen)
    I agree about governments having no leadership qualities anymore, they're in it for the title and the money in my opinion.
    Putin should drop dead.

  4. I find the whole "birthing person" issue to be extremely annoying.

  5. Clearly reading what Cranky Old Man does believe reveals he is far too rational and logical in his thinking to effectively function in this current society. Who must change? Cranky Old Man or society? Perhaps society will eventually become woke to the sanity of COM's perspective -- just don't hold your breath 'til that happens.

  6. such intolerance shows only one thing that people are fed up with issues they are surrounded by and tiny things upset them easily like even a pronounce ,no patience for anyone anymore sadly