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Monday, May 30, 2022

Get Out Of My Head!


Get Out Of My Head!

 No, this is not about a battle over bathroom time on a small boat, this is about Mrs. C and I at home.

Mrs. C’s mind and mine are often on the same wave length.  This is probably not uncommon for couples who have been together for a long time, but we have had this phenomenon from the first day we began dating.

While watching a movie on TV:


“Where do I know that guy from?”

“Where do I know that guy from?”

“Get out of my head!”

“I don’t know, but it will come to me.”

Ten minutes later.

“Leave it to Beaver?”




“Get out of my head!”

This happens all the time.

Just this morning when I realized it was going to get real hot in the afternoon, I set the air for 80 and went upstairs to close all the windows.  The plan was to turn the air to 75 when the sun goes down and then later open windows for the night air. 

As I reached the bedroom, Mrs. C called out,

“Can you close all the windows and set the air for 80, it is going to get hot today.  We can turn it to 75 when the sun goes down and then later open windows for the night air.”

“OK, good idea!”

 (Thinking) “Get out of my head!”

Like I said, this happens all…the…time.  So much so that “Get out of my head” is a running joke.

And yet.

We are challenged when it comes to Mrs. C giving, and me understanding directions.

From the kitchen yelling upstairs:

“Kare, where is the left-over chicken from last night?”

“In the fridge.”

“I know in the fridge, DUH, where in the fridge?”

“On the shelf.”

“There are four shelves!”

“The second one.”

“Second from the top or second from the bottom.”


Yes what?”

“Second from the bottom.”

“I don’t see it.”

“It’s in the clear Tupperware.”

“The clear Tupperware has potatoes.”

“The other clear tupper…never mind, I’ll get it.”

She comes downstairs.

“Right here, behind the clear Tupperware with potatoes and under the blue Tupperware with the peas!...

And don’t tell me my directions suck!”

“Get out of my head.”




  1. Neither of you are perfect, yet you are perfect for each other.

  2. Oh, this "where have I seen this guy before?" has happened to me many times.

  3. You need to look behind the first containers to find the hidden ones. I've never been so perfectly matched with anyone. You two are lucky.

  4. 80??? What are you, lizards? Too bad your shared head space can't help you find food. You can find it under a towel, but not in a clear container. Is Mrs. C using reverse psychology on you?

  5. I think it is nice that you two are on the same wavelength--especially about house temperatures. That you had this talent from the get go says much for your solid marriage. Be glad and enjoy. There is room in your heads for both of you.

  6. such couple probably are called soul mate right :) knowing each other for long time can make one read other's mind before he or she speaks it is natural but gift

  7. That's pretty damn funny about Gilbert. MY WIFE and I did the exact same thing just the other day while watching an ancient commercial, except in our case it was Whitey. Seriously.

  8. Lol, you aren’t wrong. I suppose it can most times be a good thing, although it is so annoying at times. Really, can't you guys just look until you find it? haha

  9. Joe, it's has been so long since I have read your or any blog, but today you were in my head, and I found myself talking about you to a friend and now here I am reading your blog, and wishing I had kept up with mine and still been following yours as religiously as I used to, in the days when I was planning my big.move over here from the UK. I don't think 'Waiting to Emigrate' renamed 'Sunnyside' even exists anymore, but I am thankful for the memories of you, Cranky Old Man, and I love that you two do this - isn't this what relationships are all about? The cuteness and the frustration of it all at the same time!

  10. Even tho' The Man and I are Yin and Yang, we do this all the time too... I think we have Become One as they say when you've been together so long that you almost don't even need Words anymore.