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Friday, May 6, 2022




Don’t get me wrong, Mrs. C is great, but every once and a while she makes me ask “Who does that?”

I may have mentioned in the past that she does not scoop her pudding; she dips the spoon in the pudding and slowly consumes whatever pudding sticks to the spoon.  Gotta ask, “Who does that?”

I may have posted on her dislike of sidewalks, preferring to walk on the street hugging the curb.  (Not if there is traffic, but walking the quarter mile to our mailbox.) “Who does that?”

If I want a cookie, I have to look all over, even under towels on the kitchen counter. “Who does that?”

We have been paying for a storage unit which contains maybe $1.65 worth of crap for 6 years. “Who does that?” I don’t even want to calculate how much I have paid to store that $1.65 worth of crap, but it would involve at least 3 zeros.  I choose to let it go…my last divorce cost me that much plus an extra 2 zeros.

I have learned, or have tried to learn to ignore the “Who does that?” moments and just let it go.


The other day she was putting stuff away in the freezer.  Stuff that came from a cooler.  The stuff in the cooler was kept cool with several sandwich bags full of ice cubes.  Along with this stuff, she also put away the sandwich bags of ice.

“Why are you saving the ice?”

“Because I will be using them later this week when I bring some things to Cassie.”

“But it is ice.  It takes up room.  When I open the refrigerator and look for something those friggin bags are going to fall out!”

“You are not allowed to open the refrigerator until I take the things to Cassie!”


“Just stay out.”

“But it is just ice.  That’s frozen water you know.  We make those cubes day and night.  We have an ice maker. Why can’t you just save the bags in a drawer until you need them and then fill them up with new practically free ice cubes?”

“Just leave them.”

I wanted to argue more, but there could be all those zeros at stake so I shut up. Still, I said to myself,

“Who does that?”

Last night I had to bite my tongue once more. 

We went to dinner at “Longhorns” steak house.  After a nice meal Mrs. C asked for a take home bag for her unfinished dinner plus a carrot cake dessert to go.  When the waitress returned with the request, she also included two lidded plastic cups of water. 

“Who does that?” The waitress did.

I did not want to take the water home.  We have water.  We even have frozen water.  I did not want to have to balance two cups of water on my lap in the car all the way home.

Mrs. C disagreed.

“Why are we taking the water.”



“The waitress was nice enough to give us the take-home water, we should take it home.”

“Can I just dump it out when we get to the car?”

“Bring it home!”

Who does that?

Anyway, my mind went to all those zeros, and I bit my tongue.

What did she do with the water you ask?

Tonight, I was looking for a cookie.  The water was still in the lidded cups under a kitchen towel.

“Who does that?”





  1. Soooo true!! Love it!!!

  2. Too funny. I don't know what to tell you. We all have our idiosyncrasies.

  3. Joe you have an absolute original and she is great blog post material.

  4. I could do the pudding thing, since it takes longer to eat the pudding, and you can enjoy it more. I could save those bags of ice, because they're ready to go next time, and don't take any effort. As for the restaurant water...if I was thirsty, and had a long drive, I'd keep them. If not, out they go in the parking lot. And definitely pour them out once home, and not carry water into the house.

  5. "Water should never be wasted" is my motto

  6. She's entertaining, and letting her entertain you with her funny ways is cheaper than those extra zeroes.

  7. Did she put the sandwich bags of ice in the freezer where it would stay frozen? Or just in the fridge where it would thaw and be useless? and I agree with you on the water. Why take it home and WHY would the waitress bring it in the first place??

  8. Who does that? Your wife does that. You're right to let it go.

    Have a fabulous weekend. ☺

  9. as far as is ice keeping concerned you have my sympathy for sure i hope she take this to the cassie soon ,i can imagine the issue they can create for one who wants to take out something hurriedly . okay i am sorry but water in cups binging home is beyond my understanding ,we here avoid to take water provided by hotel and but water bottle separately so we bring it home because it is safe to take along

  10. Different strokes for different folks -- see how interesting she makes your life!

  11. Your Mind going to all those Zeroes has it's benefits, The Man never asks why I do the things I do, and now I suspect I know Why... you have Enlightened me. *Winks*