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Thursday, September 24, 2020

You Can Not Bank on This Bank


You Can Not Bank on This Bank

 Have I ever mentioned that I hate my bank…Wells Fargo?  Well I do.  Why?  Let me count the ways.

1.This is the bank that took a thumb print before they allowed me to DEPOSIT a check into my own account.

2. This is the bank that after I cancelled a payment to a vendor because I did not want a revolving service, issued me a new card with a new number and when the vendor asked why the payment was turned down, they gave them my new card number and paid for the service I did not want.

3.  This is the bank that charges $2 every time you use an ATM that is not their ATM.  I gave away about $140 over a year’s time before I realized the ATM I was using was not free.

Today Mrs. C wanted to deposit a check into her account.  We have separate accounts.  The check, an insurance rebate for $16.24 was made out to both of us.  Mrs. C anticipated Wells Fargo would have a problem with this request, so I signed the check under her signature along with my account number.

This was not good enough for Wells Fargo.  I had to make a trip to the bank with Mrs. C and show my driver’s license and my Wells Fargo ATM card before they would deposit the check into Mrs. C’s account.

Please do not tell me to change banks.  I have automatic payments made into and out of my account, and I do like their on-line banking system…a previous bank I used had a horrible on-line system that was down half the time.  I can not bear  attempting to change all those automatic instructions…it took forever to get them right the first time.

So, I won’t change banks.

Instead I just screw with them. 

Wells Fargo has a branch in Red Bank NJ and also in Long Branch NJ. 

Periodically I call them up and ask if they could check my account. 

I tell them I’m not sure if my account is at the Red Bank branch of their Long Branch bank, or the Long Branch branch of their Red Bank bank?

They used to call for a manager, Now they just hang up.


  1. Here are my "top of the head - perhaps stupid) comments.

    The reason they asked you to go to the bank in order to sign that the cheque goes into your wife's account is in case of fraud. They are covering themselves in case your wife forged your signature on the cheque, (not that she would). I know it is only $16.24 but it is probably a legal requirement they do so. (In the UK there are certain legal requirements before a cheque or any money is DEPOSITED into an account in case of fraud).

    One suggestion I could offer, which I have done. Open another account with another bank and use them for day-to-day spending. Money in, money out, ATM transaction etc ... And let Wells Fargo handle the automatic monthly payments. Get the new bank to transfer monthly enough money to Wells Fargo to handle the automatic payments. That's what I've done.

    Hope this helps, JoeH. And I hope my suggestion is not too stupid. More work perhaps.

    God bless.

  2. I had an account with Wells Fargo.
    I've had several accounts with Wells Fargo.
    GS worked for Wells Fargo Investors because the firm she originally worked for merged with, or was absorbed by, Wachovia.
    Wells Fargo acquired Wachovia because the latter was failing.
    Anyhow, I loved their online banking system.
    I could move money anywhere from the comfort of my home, that is unless it was cash.

  3. We deal with Wells Fargo as our mortgage holder. So far, thank heaven, so good.

    Our regular banking is through a Credit Union where they know us and we've only had the occasional problem, quickly resolved.

    Victor's solution just might work, and save you several headaches.

  4. I have to agree with what Victor said about Wells Fargo making sure you did sign the check, etc. Lots of fraud going on with unemployment so I bet everyone just tightened up all their "security" requirements to confirm customers' identities.


  5. I think you should blame it on Covid..that's the excuse I've gotten for everything lately.

  6. Came to you from ApacheDug ... and glad I did. We bank at Wells Fargo and the only problem we have is that you cannot turn around before they try to sell you on another account, service, whatever ... all for a fee of course. Keep on being cranky!

  7. I use a credit union which is very user friendly. But the rules they stumble on are clearly to cover their rump and can be quite inconvenient.

  8. "Now they just hang up"
    They're onto you joe, you need to find a different way to mess with them.

  9. WAIT! Surely you mean you went to the bank with Mrs. C, and showed your information by shoving it into the little canister at the drive-thru, right? Because around here, you can't go inside the bank unless you have AN APPOINTMENT! Obviously the VIRUS knows not to infect anybody during an APPOINTMENT!

    Yes, keep tormenting them, since I don't use Wells Fargo, and I don't bank in New Jersey, and there's no way it could make my banking experience any slower!

  10. They do seem determined to make your life a chore. I'd do as Victor suggested. Let them handle the automatic stuff and get a real account some where else.

  11. They do charge for everything under the sun. I guess most of them do now. I'd not have an account at Wells Fargo. My mother in law did and I hated Wells Fargo. I was doing her banking.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. 😎

  12. That is too much of a commission they are charging for services that we get here for free.

  13. I worked for a predecessor of WF for a number of years and didn't change banks when I moved on to greener pastures. I still have accounts with WF Investors, a WF Visa in addition to a checking account with ATM originally used for travel expenses (having branches nation wide was a plus when using ATM's when away from home). I'm satisfied with their services and I make sure to maintain the required balances to avoid paying fees. Like other commentors I use a small local bank for direct deposits, auto-pay etc. also adhering to their requirements to avoid paying fees. Have never used a credit union but know they generally have lower fees and offer lower loan rates.

  14. i really wish all goes good with your banking dear Joe !

  15. A WF branch here convinced my stepdaughter to refinance her house. They actually raised her mortgage payment and she eventually lost the home to them. She has no love for that bank.

  16. My son and DIL used WF but the bank kept putting $1200 into their account. They'd go to the bank and straighten it out. The money was removed. Next day? Back in. They called, they went in person, this was a never-ending $1200 merry-go-round so finally they just waited for the next time the money left the account and then they closed their account! It was such a mess.

  17. Wells Fargo was my very first bank. Then I got wise. No actually I married my Nav/Coast Guard husband and we now use a military credit union. I do have another bank account of BOA - I love it because I can deposit a check by taking a photo of it on my phone and don't have to leave the house. Our credit union is good though - no complaints other than, there is not a actually place we can use here in my rural county. We have to use another credit union, for atm withdrawal etc. To actually go there in person, I'd have to drive 250 miles to San Francisco.