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Monday, September 21, 2020

Why Did You Wear Those?


Why Did You Wear Those?


Mrs. C does not always offer advice, if she does not like something, she tends to be silent.  I’ve come to understand that no comment when I ask for an opinion means, a strong negative.  If not asked an opinion her negative feeling remains hidden…generally.

I do not have the best sense of style and I usually check with my wife before stepping out in public.

“Does this shirt go with the slacks?”

An “It’s fine” response means yes.  Never do I get a “you look nice."

 I’m good with,

“It’s fine.”

If I fail to ask an opinion, she will not offer it.

Saturday, we went to my grandson’s Pop Warner Football game.  There was a fall chill in the air so I decided to wear blue jeans.

I have three pair of blue jeans.  A size 40 for my fat years which as I have lost some weight I now can swim in.  A size 36 for when I was also 36, but have saved all these years because you never know.  Actually, I am currently about 4 pounds away from those pants, but…no.  The third pair are size 38 loose fit, which means 38 waist with extra room for the butt.  This pair needed an extra notch pull on my belt to keep them from slipping into that young rapper u-trough showing style that so many hoodlums prefer.

I chose the size 38 loose fit.

About half an hour into the drive to the game, I am asked this,

“Why did you wear those jeans, you know they look ridiculous.”


“They’re way too baggy, you look like a clown.”

“Well it’s too late to change them now, why didn’t you tell me that before we left?”

“You didn’t ask.”

“But why tell me now, when it is too late to change? Now I will feel like a clown all day at the game!”

“I just couldn’t keep quiet about it any longer, they are awful!”

“Then you should have told me before!”

“You didn’t ask, and I didn’t want to make you feel bad.”

“So, you waited until it was too late to change to make me feel bad?”

“Yeah, I guess I shouldn’t have said anything, but I just couldn’t stay quiet any longer.”

“Well next time say something while I still have the chance to change, I do have other pants that fit, I didn’t have to wear jeans.”

“Next time ask me.”

“You are something else!”

At the game I asked everyone I met,

“How do you like my new jeans? Karen picked them out!”

Maybe I am a jerk.






  1. 😀 Or maybe you can teach her either to tell you before you leave the house or not to tell you at all.

  2. Lol, maybe the baggy look will make a comeback. Then WHO will look ridiculous?

  3. Did Mrs. C hear you say that she picked them out?? I guess you'll have to get into the habit of always asking her about her opinion of your clothing especially when leaving the house.


  4. Heeheehee! Good for you. Actually, don't worry about how you look, other people are too worried about how they look to care how you look (at least, that's what i think.

  5. Oh, that is so funny, Joe. When we used to go out to dinner during the old pre-Covid days, My Retired Man would get dressed and ask my opinion. About half the time he would dress appropriately, but other times, he would put on a red sweatshirt or a bright orange Flyers sweatshirt, both of them out of shape. I would tell him the truth and he would sulk, so I let it be. I tell him that if we come across anyone I know, I will introduce him as my Uber driver.

  6. I agree she should have said so before you left the house, but if you felt comfortable wearing the jeans that's really all that matters. You should see some of the rags I get around in, I wear stuff until it actually falls apart and don't care how I look as long as it is clean.

  7. Heh, heh! Good payback! At least you weren't wearing your clown jeans with a pair of camouflage Crocs, with the strap behind your heel.

  8. Hahahahahahaha!!! I thought Mrs. C was winning this with her, "You didn't ask, and I didn't want to make you feel bad." No, no, no... YOU are king! Hahahaha. Asking everyone how they like your jeans and saying Mrs. C picked 'em out. Priceless! Omg. I'm still laughing. You guys are hilarious!

  9. When I ask Jack if something looks good he always says: "Is this a trick question?"

  10. Hilarious! BTW, I don't know why I had lost your blog but I have now restored it to my blog roll. Maybe now I can get some humor into my life again!

  11. Next time (and every time) ask. It is something similar to protective insurance cover :-)

  12. i never in my life asked anyone how do i look ,even before leaving for some place

    i know it seems amazing when you see you can still fit into some of your very old outfits :)
    i have some almost thirty years old and i wear them just to feel good lol

  13. Well, I think that was a very clever way to handle an awkward situation. Maybe you need to go shopping?