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Friday, August 16, 2019

The Mandolin

The Mandolin
Fresh off my recollection of an old banjo, I paid a visit to the local Guitar Store.  I was just going with my friend Frog as he was dropping off a guitar for service before we were on our way to hit some golf balls.

Visiting “The Guitar Store” and all its temptations can be expensive.  While Frog was chatting with the guitar technician, and Frog can chat with the best, I browsed through the acoustic guitar section.  This is always fun as you can grab an instrument and play just to get an idea of how a different guitar feels and sounds.

As I was killing time, the mandolin caught my eye.  It was a used mandolin, not high end, but I thought it was beautiful.  I always wanted to mess around with a mandolin, and this one would also make a nice wall ornament for my collection.

If you are not a guitar/string instrument person you would not understand.  

The attraction of these instruments, even if you do not expect to play them very much, is akin to the attraction many women have to shoes, and some men have to tools.  You may only wear them once, but they are pretty, and they just look good in your closet, or you may never use a tool but it looks good on your work bench.  

Wood string instruments are like that to me, and from the traffic in this store, I am not alone in this attraction.

The mandolin was used, but it looked brand new, no scratches, was not warped and was just pretty!  It was also eighty dollars less than the same model if brand new.

I could not pass on a bargain.  I talked the store into including new strings which they put on (the mandolin has eight strings and the process is different than for a guitar) and I am now the proud owner of this wall hanger.

I will learn a few chords and a few songs, but mostly it is a full-time decoration and part time toy, much like my ukulele.  Oh, I can knock “Tiny Bubbles” out of the park on my uke but it is also mostly a decoration.

Is it being extravagant buying a musical instrument mostly as a decoration? 

Maybe, but hey, women have their shoes, guys their tools and millionaires have their homes and yachts. 

I like musical string instruments.


  1. No, it isn't at ALL extravagant to buy an instrument for show. (Unless it's a Stradivarius...)

    Have you ever had a 12-string guitar? I had one for a while, and I loved its sound, but it had a very high bridge and was too hard on my fingers. I ended up selling it. Darn it, it never occurred to me to keep it just because I liked the way it looked.

  2. My son Phil would totally understand! He loves his guitars and would also agree with a "bargain" like that...enjoy! P.S..My Mom took mandolin lessons as a child and I remember we had one in a closet but never heard her play it. Hmmmm....wonder if it's still stored someplace?

  3. When I hear a mandolin, I will now think of the one on your wall.

  4. I think I get what you are saying. Its why my husband has 11 guitars and only plays a handful of them. Conversely I don't have the equivalent in shoes but I'm the minimalist here. I think he he or his parents had a mandolin at one time. Not sure what happened to it. Enjoy your new gift to yourself!


  5. Not at all extravagant in my eyes, it's a beautiful instrument to add to any collection. Many women would spend a lot of money on shoes, so I don't see anything wrong with spending money on a mandolin. I spend a lot of money on books and dvds.

  6. i completely understand your point here dear Joe :)

    yes sometimes we are attracted to thing just because of it's charm and buy it to satisfy our aesthetic nerve

    your love for music reflects your spiritual sublime :) and temptation for such instrument is very Natural

    i hope it won't be just hanging there ,but you will let it help you to reveal your innate beauty once in a while :)

  7. If it makes you happy, it's money well spent. Anyway, some people spend loads on wall-hangings, paintings etc so this isn't any different!

  8. Is it being extravagant buying a musical instrument mostly as a decoration? No. Definitely not. But don't buy a grand-piano because it is almost impossible to hang it on the wall. I've tried.

    God bless.

  9. I can say nothing for just to my right is my wall hanging guitar. BTW, I recently heard a really accomplished mandolin player and I fell in love with the sound. Give it a go Joeh.

  10. You, at least can make some music with it!

  11. Enjoy your mandolin, and the memories it brings!

  12. I totally understand. I was there with you. It would have been WRONG to leave that mandolin there.
    I have a mandolin that I bought in similar circumstances.
    I love that little instrument. Playing it always makes me happy and I have no idea why.
    I think a dobro would look good on your wall too.
    I bet you could OWN the blues.

  13. As Rick said, it would have been WRONG to leave it there. Criminal, in fact.

  14. Congratulations on your acquisition. If only we could hear you play!

  15. I totally get the attraction and I totally get buying it if only to hang on your wall. My dream is a full size harp. I don't know why. I've never been near one but I love the look and sound. It's on my lottery list of "to buy." :)


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