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Wednesday, November 9, 2016


A cranky re-run from December 2015

After this crazy election, I was not going to have a post, then I went back to all the election related posts I have made before I decided to try to (and it is not easy for a political junkie) avoid all political posts.  This post attempted to compare "The" Donald's run with the high school elections of old.  I was wrong in my prediction, I think I was correct (even tongue in cheek) in my analogy.
This is neither an endorsement nor a rejection for Donald Trump as President.

The Republican Presidential campaign is beginning to remind of those high school Class President elections of days gone by. 

Every year there would be several candidates for Class President. 

There would be Troy, the captain of the swimming team who was on the honor roll, editor of the school newspaper and perennial candidate for class office.

There was Sara, the ever serious flute player in the school band, also on the honor roll.

There was Bob, the head of the debate team, a math/chemistry genius, and future Valedictorian*. 

Finally there would be Vinnie, the stoner kid.  He was smart enough to make the honor roll, but did not think the honor roll was cool.  The stoner kid may not have done hard drugs, but he hung with kids who did.  He smoked cigarettes, played left field on the baseball team, was very funny and would do crazy stuff just for attention.

Every year there would be a class assembly where the candidates would make a short speech vying for votes.

Troy would claim he could bring in soda machines to the cafeteria, and organize the best prom ever.  His speech was always followed by polite applause.

Sara wanted to get newer instruments for the band, and she would demand longer lunch breaks.  Her speech was always followed by polite applause.

Bob claimed that as the smartest kid in school, he was the most qualified to be President.   He promised to work hard to make sure the senior year would be the best school year ever.  His speech was followed by light clapping and a few snickers. 

Vinnie promised to allow smoking in school, there would be pizza every day for lunch, he would fight for shorter school hours, more recess time, and a break room for students with a pool table, ping pong table and free soda.  His speech was followed by wild applause, foot stomping, and a chant, “Vinnie…Vinnie…Vinnie!”

It was at this point that Mrs. Gromawitz, the Vice Principal would step to the podium and demand quiet.  We would then get “The Speech!”

“Students, this is a very important election that will determine how successful your final year of high school will be.  This is not a popularity contest.  You must elect someone who is serious, not a clown!”

Vinnie never won.  The students, properly scolded, would vote for Troy, Sara or Bob.

We never got soda machines in the cafeteria, the band had the same old instruments, lunch breaks stayed the same, senior year was no different from any other school year, and the prom sucked.

Donald Trump is campaigning by telling people what others will not.  He is saying things others are afraid to say.  He is being outrageous and the people love it.  He is the high school Vinnie.

The press and the political elite are Mrs. Gromawitz. 

“Trump is a clown, this is not a popularity contest, this election is very important and will determine how successful the country will be for the next four years!”

Trump won’t win the election; he won’t even win the nomination.  He is not a clown, he is a very smart dude, but he doesn’t want to be President and probably would not make a good President.  He upsets too many of the wrong people.  He will shake things up.  He will put some focus on topics others try and skirt because taking a position can cost you votes, but he will not be elected. 

Most politicians pussy-foot around an issue to try and make everyone happy.  Trump will not pussy-foot around any issue. He will piss people off.  He will say what he means and not be apologetic for it.  He is not ashamed of being rich and successful, he is not a clown. 

But don’t worry Mrs. Gromawitz; "The Donald" is not going to get the nomination.  We will find someone who is very serious and knows how to say something without really saying anything. The political elite will disparage and marginalize whatever he says. 

We will elect a politician. 

The preceding was the opinion of a cranky old man, and not necessarily that of management…Mrs. Cranky.

*No offense Val-the-Victorian.
Holy Crap!!  Vinnie won.  This may turn out terrible, but then maybe we will  have pizza everyday for lunch and a pool table in the recreation room.


  1. Saying it doesn't make it so. We see that this morning.

    I'm not surprised about the outcome, but my husband was. Now if everyone can take a deep breath and do what's best for America that would be nice. Let's work together, not against each other.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  2. I was totally surprised by the outcome of this election and I voted for Trump. Now I wait to see if I chose wisely.. It's all we can do, right? Wait and see?

  3. I know that in this election we were totally at opposite ends of the spectrum, but I still love you; YOU, not him!!

  4. Can't write much because I'm still in shock.

  5. After the last few weeks, I wasn't surprised at all. People are sick to death of the PC police as well as establishment politicians. I didn't vote (Johnson was my choice) but I have to admit, I'm amused by the drama people are creating over the results. Calm the fu*k down, America.

  6. Not the best thing since sliced bread, I must say. Still waiting for the 4 Horsemen.

  7. I must say, I was totally shocked when I turned on the news this morning!

  8. America voted out the old corrupt establishment and that has to be good.

  9. Hi Cranky Joe,

    Can we reboot 2016 please?




  10. For the sake of our friendly American neighbours, for our sake on the North side of the border, indeed for the sake of the entire planet....I hope it works out okay.

  11. Can we have a "do-over" of the last 18 months?

  12. I think we just need to step back and see what he actually does. The alternative scared me to death (I must admit). I was pleasantly surprised how it all turned out. Lots of prayer went into this election by not just me (who didn't pray as fervently as others). I like to think God's candidate got elected. So like I said, let us just wait and see. I hope he won't disappoint.


  13. So far, so good. He's been President-Elect for 24 hours and the sky is still blue, I still have a roof over my head, and it's a great day in America. Of course, I must be one of the uneducated, so what do I know :-)


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