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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Stupid Headlines 110616

Stupid Headlines 110616
It is time again for
Well at least she was in the right class
Stupid Headline Sunday
 This week’s stupid headlines and my stupider, sometimes sophomoric comments. 
Dead man mistakenly cremated due to name confusion – The family of Bernie M. Upton is planning on suing.

Biden: I thought I could beat Hillary Clinton – Not in an election; behind the gym.

Man who sexually assaulted Thailand vacationing American has sentence cut in half – Unless “sentence” is Thai for “tallywacker” this is very disturbing!
Man pays $9 million for license plate – Trump offered to pay $10 million, but only if it was made by Hillary.
Squirrel sparks Halloween voting outage in Ohio – Republicans spent months training the little rodent to stop those early Clinton votes!
Anthony Weiner is not a victim of cybersex addiction – He is just an ass-hole.
Researchers Are Now Saying That Lettuce Can Hear When It’s Being Eaten – OK vegetarians, now what are you going to do?
Martha Stewart admits to sexting, frequenting nude beaches – It’s a good thing.
Parrot outs cheating husband – “Awwk, Awwk, Polly wants a cracker…oh yeah, your husbands boinking the housekeeper, Awwk, Awwk.
Coyotes Threaten Stray cats in Queens – Cats are being advised to stay away from anything that has “Acme” on it.
N.J. casino sues gamblers who won big on unshuffled decks – Isn’t that like suing the Patriots for being better than all the other NFL teams?  And here’s an idea, SHUFFLE THE FRIGGIN DECK!!
Believe it! Chicago Cubs end the curse, win 2016 World Series – Unless you were rooting for Cleveland then it is a Stupid Headline.  Great series, two very good teams.
Come back next week for more
(and maybe a nice one or two)


  1. Another fun post! ... and hey, unreal about the Cubs, huh?

  2. Parrots are smart birds, you have to be careful what names you teach them.

    Hooray for the Cubs!

  3. like the gamblers have say-so on whether the deck gets shuffled? i don't play cards at casinos, but i'd think that responsibility lies on the dealer. anyway, the trump/hillary/license plate was perfect. :)

  4. Always a fun time with the stupid headlines. Your comments on the headlines are even better.

    I linked you to Silly Sunday.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  5. Yeah for the Cubbies!

    I saw a headline that read: Tim Kaine holds election rally in minivan.

  6. A post filled with funny headlines. Thanks for sharing.

  7. yay for the cubs since the giant wasn't there have a good week

  8. "Man pays $9 million for license plate – Trump offered to pay $10 million, but only if it was made by Hillary."

    Ha! He may get his wish. :)

  9. Say it ain't so about lettuce. I'm about down to flavored air now as it is.

  10. Love the Hillary-made license plates. Great World Series. Can't recall a better series.

  11. That breaks my heart about the casino :)

  12. That casino probably served those gamblers dirty-water cocktails, too. Sounds like a case of the cheaters calling the patsys cheaters.

  13. Martha Stewart...? I'm not sure I can keep using the towels any longer!

  14. Sry I'm just now catching up on you! - I was SO happy for the Cubbies. That was my grandpa's team and I know he'd be so excited right now. :)


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