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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Maybe I Should Put A Towel Over Them

Maybe I Should Put A Towel Over Them
I have probably mention my love for Entenmann’s Little Bites cupcakes.   They come in several flavors, and Mrs. C often buys an assortment box from Costco.  They are all good, but my absolute favorite, “crumb cake” is not in the assortment box.

The other day we were shopping at Shop-Rite and I saw a box exclusively of crumb cakes.
“I thought they didn’t make these anymore.”
“They always made them, they just don’t put them in the Costco assortment box.”
“Why didn’t you tell me?  You know the crumb cake is my favorite.”
“It’s cheaper to buy the Costco assortment box.”
“It’s cheaper to live in a tent too, but I like to splurge a bit sometimes!”
“So, buy a box.”
I did, I bought a box containing five packets of four tiny cupcakes.
Keep in mind, this cranky old man’s current diet shuns sugar and bread.  The packet of crumb cakes is to be enjoyed with my nightly cup of coffee.  My only bread or sugar all day. (OK, sometimes I cheat a little).
So now when we unpack the groceries, I place MY crumb cakes in the pantry secure in knowing I would have my favorite after dinner coffee treat for the next five days.
That night we did take-out Boston Market chicken for dinner.  After dinner Mrs. C pulled out a Boston Market pie she slipped in with the dinner order; a whole pie, small but at least four full slices worth.
“Ooh, I’ll have a slice with my coffee.”
“No way, you have your crumb cakes.”
“I don’t think so, you can’t have a whole tiny pie to yourself, I’ll save the crumb cakes for another day.”
The next night I brewed my nightly cup and went to the cupboard for a crumb cake packet.  The box was opened!  There was a packet missing!
“Did you take a pack of my crumb cakes?”
“You did, didn’t you?”
“But those were my crumb cakes, you like the others in the assortment.  Why did you take mine?  I only get the green sour patch kids because you don’t like them…I can’t have the spearmint gum because you won’t chew the peppermint; the crumb cakes should be mine.”
“You had a piece of my pie yesterday.”
“I always get a piece of pie when you get one.  Do I have to hide the crumb cakes?”
“Good luck with that.”
I need to find a pantry-camo towel.
I know, I’m a jerk!


  1. You need to find a secure hiding place where Mrs. Cranky cannot find that which you don't want her to find. I have a secure place here and guard it very carefully. I'm sure you can find such a place; just consider all options available.


    1. "secure hiding place where Mrs. Cranky cannot find":

      Mrs Cranky had a really good laugh at this!

  2. (*~*)I'll never understand her reasoning.

  3. You should get a lockable box and swallow the key! Still, if you did that your readers wouldn't get an almost daily laugh.

  4. Sit and eat them all in one go Joe - kind of like a dirty protest preferably stuffing them in with both hands as Mrs C watches on ;-)

  5. You two! Just go buy more cupcakes. Always get two boxes. You might still be a jerk, but you'd be a cupcake filled jerk!

  6. Wow, you two have some food issues.

  7. You have the most entertaining battles yet still keep on keeping on. There is a lesson there for us all. Don't change.

  8. You can hide your goodies here Cranky. I promise I won't touch them. You two crack me up.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  9. Maybe you should have bought two boxes.

    It seems like they never put the best flavors in the big assortment boxes you get at Costco or Sam's. I think that's how they unload the less desirable flavors.

  10. Hide them at work, Joe - I can't think of anywhere else that Mrs. C. isn't going to find them. Towels aren't a very good idea, BTW.

  11. At least you found something you love that you thought weren't made anymore. You can always buy more.

  12. You always make my day glad you found the ones you liked, why is a dog picture on the box?

  13. Here's the thing. You gleefully scarf down treats that belong to Mrs. C, whenever you (ahem) just happen to run across them under a towel or on the top shelf of the cabinet or behind frozen stuff in the freezer. You seem to think that all food in the house if fair game when YOU eat it. So accept the payback from Even Steven. You got got. By Mrs. C.

  14. nope. i gotta agree with your thinking. :)

  15. This is too deep a philosophical argument for my tired old brain to handle!!

  16. I don't see how you're going to win this one. At least she didn't eat the last packet of crumb cake.

  17. You need a gun safe where you can store "your" stuff :)

  18. Hahahahahahaha. “It’s cheaper to live in a tent too, but I like to splurge a bit sometimes!” :) - You two are the best.


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