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Friday, October 29, 2021





I read recently a man say his wife was “Frozen in fear” at a restaurant because she did not know what pronoun to use in regards to the waiter/tress/waitperson.

This does seem to be a bit of a dilemma, and I can understand her concern (actually I can’t) I think “frozen in fear” is a bit extreme, but that is just me.

A commercial for the Democratic New Jersey Governor has a woman claiming if the opponent wins, she would be “Terrified.”

I almost decided to change my vote just to see if she would actually be “terrified.”

The Washington “Redskins” changed their name to “Football Team.” The Cleveland “Indians” changed their name to the “Guardians.”  “Redskins” might a bit offensive, “Indians” to me not so much.  I have been a guardian to my children, should I be offended to have a baseball team named “Guardians”? I’m confused.  I hope Washington finds a better name, maybe “Legislators,” that is a terrifying group.

The Atlanta “Braves” are not changing their name yet.  They don’t have an offensive “Wahoo” native American logo so they may be OK.  I mean how is “Braves” offensive to anyone.  I would be offended if they changed to “Cowards!” The A Aw A AW AW chop chant might be offensive to Native Americans, not sure;  I think it is really cool.

PETA has a problem with the word “Bullpen” to describe where baseball pitchers warm up.  They want to change the name to “Arm Barn.”  I think “Arm Barn” is a bit degrading to pitchers…NO? YES? The name Bullpen comes from an area behind a “BULL DURHAM” tobacco ad many eons ago.  Has nothing to do with bulls…so…

How about everyone have their preferred pronoun pinned to their chest.  I don’t want any one “Frozen in fear” over my pronoun.  I choose my pronoun to be “Whatever.”  Is that even a pronoun?  It is now, don’t argue and offend me.

If I ran into a Grizzly Bear in the woods, I would be terrified and maybe even frozen in fear.  Pronouns and elected officials just do not elicit that kind of effect on me.  Maybe I need sensitivity training.

If we get this pronoun thing figured out, will you feel better?  Do political candidates have you terrified? Are you offended by sports teams mascot names? Do you worry about words that may degrade animals?

I am probably just jaded (is that offensive? Where did that term come from?)...uh oh it comes from overworking a horse…sorry PETA.

I am probably just uncaring, but these things never have and do not now bother me. 

The thought of a country filled with people worrying about pronouns, offensive sports mascots and upsetting animals with words does actually terrify me.

Our enemies just might be a little tougher than we are. 

Pronoun worrying, mascot name concerning, animal rights fanatics, probably would not be quite up to defending real freedoms and rights from mean people with bad intentions.


  1. It's all "over the top" and heading towards ridiculous in my mind. I understand people want to be recognised for what they are, but surely that comes after the introduction and learning of names?
    "Hi, my name is (whatever)" and then we find out (or not) what their preferred pronoun is. I don't see how it is possible to know beforehand how to address someone we have never met and probably wont ever see again, like a waiter/waitress, casual person at the checkout and so on. If they are wearing name tags, we just call them by that name. Simple, easy, non offensive.

  2. Definitely with you on this one, but my uncertainty extends to religious study. King James version, Acts9:5, " is hard for thee to kick among the pricks." And there were doubtless a lot of them out there. But the New King James version changed it to "...hard for thee to kick among the goads." I have mixed feelings about pricks getting kicked out of the Bible in favor of goads --whatever they are.

  3. thanks for mentioning animals dear Joe yes it hurts me when people call someone with name of decent animal who does not deserve that label :( animal has more humanity than him indeed .

    thankfully i don't have time to be bothered on such things like names of teams or victory of political party .

    i get terrified only when i see people who do not learn from mistakes !

    health ,peace and joy to you and loved ones !

  4. I kind of stick with the southern choice of generic nouns, Sir and Ma'am. Today you can't tell who has a short fuse with a quick fist or is packing. I wouldn't mind a team called the Patties unless they never win:)

  5. I do not understand why people are getting so bent out of shape over such trivial things. You are sooo right about our enemies being stronger than those who worry about what they are called. I've been called fat. Maybe we should change fat to beautiful. Works for me.

  6. Is that man in your picture screaming or has he heard you scream?

    God bless.

  7. I mean, does it really matter what sex a person is? Why should we care? My husband says people are now doing the she/her thing on emails. WHY?

    But yes, these folks need to actually feel terror! Good grief.

  8. If you don't know what pronouns to use, ask. Believe it or not, most people whose gender is difficult to determine don't mind and are glad when you do, if you ask politely, of course.

  9. Why would she need to know the pronouns of a waitperson? If you address them directly, you don't use a gender pronoun. "Could 'you' please bring me the...?" If you talk about them when they're not around, what does it matter? They don't know how your refer to them. If you compliment them or complain to the manager, just ssy 'Our waitperson...'. What is that woman terrified of, the THOUGHT POLICE?