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Friday, October 15, 2021





It seems to me that almost every news story, commercial, or commentary of any kind begins with “In these difficult times.”

“In these difficult times, investing can be scary!”

“In these troubled times, just getting a regular health check-up is an adventure.”

”In these turbulent times, just getting out of bed in the morning is not easy.”

When were times not difficult, troubled, or turbulent?

I don’t remember turning on the news and hearing,

“The economy continues to be great, everyone is loaded and spending all that cash is sometimes not easy.  In these prosperous times, how do you handle all that money?”

“Need help buying a new car?  In these terrific times there are so many options, how do you decide?”

“Are you looking to change jobs?  In these wonderful times of racial harmony, anyone can find work anywhere.”

I don’t remember those times.  Seems like times are always “difficult, troubled, or turbulent.

It does not seem to matter which political party is in charge, times are always difficult, troubled or turbulent.

I am trying to remember non-difficult, troubled or turbulent times.

I remember black people being hit a wall of water from fire hoses and being attacked by large dogs for wanting to sit at a soda counter.  That was pretty troubling.

I’ve heard of starving people standing in line for bread and others jumping out of buildings because they lost everything.  That sounds difficult to me.

I was born after World War II.  From what I’ve read, it sounded very turbulent.

If these times are difficult, troubled or turbulent, they are probably a lot less difficult, troubled or turbulent than any other time in history…

except maybe the 1950’s. 

Those were good times. 

If you weren’t a minority, or if you dodged polio, and you had a job. 

Still, even then, cars had no air conditioning, there were no cell phones and TV had maybe five channels and nothing after midnight.  Ooooo! Bad!

I can’t wait for when these times will no longer be difficult, troubled or turbulent.  I won’t hold my breath.



  1. The good times were when we were too young to know any better. What is now-called the wonderful pre-teen years.

  2. I think if people ignored media and politicians they'd find life is not so troubled, difficult or turbulent as others would have us believe. I think "they" cause worry and dissent on purpose.

  3. My bank calls it "the current situation." You can't call and talk to anybody at my branch bank. You get a recording that says 'The staff at this bank is unable to take your call, possibly because of "the current situation.'"

    However, you can drive all the way to the bank, and go inside during the hours of 9:00 and 2:30, no mask required, (no thumbprint either!), just waltz right in and do business as normal. So I guess only the phone is "troubling," as well as any business outside the hours of 9:00 and 2:30. Maybe one day we'll refer to them as "the good old hours."

  4. Good point! Every era has had its own problems but overall I don't think things are any worse or better - but I do tend to look back and see everything through rose coloured glasses!

  5. I try to think when times were really difficult to appreciate these. Since I missed them, these while not pleasant are certainly doable. I totally missed the 1918 flu, missed the depression and was too young to understand wars. Working on my patience.

  6. Ugh, I hate news. If you don't feel manipulated, you should wake up!

  7. My grandparents difficult, troubling, turbulent times: WW1, Spanish Flu Pandemic, Prohibition, The Great Depression, World War11, outbreaks of measles, mumps, rubella, scarlet fever, tuberculosis, and the polio epidemic, Korean War, Vietnam war, protests, riots, social unrest of the sixties and seventies. Guess this is why they were called the greatest generation, how did they do it?

  8. My mom is always moaning about the future of her great grandkids. And I’m like, didn’t you live through WW2?

  9. Every generation has gone through bad times. Yet future generations, not having lived through it, see the past as different and consider their present situation as being most dire.

    God bless.

  10. As you said, all times are difficult. But don't you know folks who weathered those storms and still came out smiling? Who fought in WWII and still came home smiling? I could go on but I guess my Dad taught me the best lesson. In 1963 when I was ten my Dad made a statement at the end of that year. He said at least nothing bad had happened that year. I looked at him..probably with my mouth opened..and thought he was so wrong. In '63 he had a heart attack in the beginning of the year. Then his company went on strike for a while. Then his Grandpa...died. In November our house burned down and a few weeks later the President of the United States was assassinated. All the Christmas decorations and later I found out all the presents my folks bought early were gone too in the fire. A lean Christmas at our home that year. However Dad felt as long as his wife and kids were good and safe and was good. I was blessed with a very optimistic Father who knew how to weather tough times and taught me the same. Will the younger..everyone gets a trophy as strong as times continue to be hard?

    1. Thank you for mentioning president Kennedy's assassination, I thought of it after the fact, also I remember Robert Kennedy's assassination, if you can obtain the movie "Bobby" what an eye opener. As to your question, the younger generation is also human, and as we know the human spirit is prone to survival, ie, we adapt and we survive, hopefully this is true with this youth as it has been for generations.

  11. my words through your fingers lol (you typed with fingers right )

    that made me laugh at once ,whenever such sentence is spoken by politician or anchor person or any other it makes me wonder and little angry .

    my memory is good regarding such news specially through media , i raised listening same and same lines ever and ever " country is going through difficult times" nation is facing turbulent times and so on.

    i think every new government thinks this is best line to fool public and they know the memory of nation is weak so keep doing it .

    difficult times or whatever is for public to face nothing is for those holding power and never it will be until nation gets it memory back