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Friday, October 8, 2021




Do you smile while you talk?  Not just a smirk, or upward turned lips. I’m talking a full out,  upper and lower teeth flashing smile…while talking.

I’ve noticed that people in TV commercials, newscasters, and politicians are very good at full out smile talking. 

Women are especially good at full out smile talking.  Men generally can only do it in short spurts.

Men might semi-smile while they talk and then end with an all-out toothy grin; women can maintain the full smile and look natural while doing it.

The smile talk looks friendly and non-threatening when women do it.  It can look creepy when a man tries it. 

I’ve tried to do it and I just cannot.  Not just because I am generally cranky, but I am physically incapable of doing it.  If I talk with a full out smile, I look like a cartoon character or a serial killer.

When a male politician is asked a difficult question, he will get serious and often a bit testy.  Women politicians are masters at smiling through a question, often even laughing in a derisive show at how silly the question is before she will even respond.  She will full out smile throughout her response.

Women seem to have complete control over their smile, perhaps that is why when they are surprised and laugh unexpectedly they cover their mouth so they don’t lose control.  Have you EVER seen a man cover his mouth to hide a smile? OK, a straight man?


How do people do it?

It is very effective.

I wish I could do it.

“JOE…did you forget to turn off the stove burner again?”

Smiling all the while and chortling, “What, ha ha, you must be kidding?  A burner was left on? Why would I not turn off a burner?  You must be joking.”

That response might make the wife wonder if a burner was in fact left on…maybe she was mistaken, maybe she left it on.

“JOE…did you buy another guitar?  The Guitar Store called and said they had a delivery ready for pick up?”

Smiling, “What…ha ha, why would I buy another guitar?  Oh wait, ha ha, maybe I did, I almost forgot about it.  It was too good a deal to pass up.”

Act guilty and apologetic and the new guitar is going back.  Smile, laugh and make light of it and maybe I could charm my wife into making room on the wall for another instrument.

Alas, I do not have the smiley-semi-laugh-while-talking gene.

It possibly explains why I am not a politician.   It may also explain why I am on my third wife.


  1. I've noticed those TV types doing that too and it drives me crazy! Never thought of trying it with SWMBO.

  2. No matter how mad they get, smile, it confuses them.

  3. Smiling while talking? First I have to master talking. (*~*)

  4. It's just your smile talkin', you're telling me lies
    Smile talkin', you wear a disguise
    Smile talkin', so misunderstood
    Smile talkin', you're really no good

    Oh, wait. I might have mis-heard those song lyrics, but it seems to fit.

  5. Teleworker are taught to smile whilst on the phone. It makes them sound friendly.

    I try to smile whilst talking. Very difficult when I hit my finger with the hammer by mistake.

    God bless.

  6. this is fun post and very enjoyable dear Joe :)

    i agree with you that fake smiles are so much in in politics and parties of rich ,i am scared of both
    in few times of my life i visited events in rich people house and all the time i wondered that if i was the alone in whole gathering to understand that how shallow and fake their smiles were ,i mean most of them were smiling only through lips ,their eyes were not connected to their smiles .

    i can bear such smiles by ladies and i can use my imagination that their smiles are geuine but can't favor the men similarly lol

  7. I am a dyed in the wool smiler. I had a friend once tell me that people will forgive you anything if you smile. So far it has worked:)

  8. I inherited a standing bitch face from my mom. So when I am in line at the grocery store, I place a sweet smile on my face because I've had checkers apologize to me because they assumed I was mad.

    I don't trust people who have those huge toothy smiles while talking and even laughing.

  9. That’s a very astute observation — smile talking. I never thought about that before.