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Sunday, October 31, 2021



Looking for a Halloween post idea, I found this story from the mind of a ten-year-old Cranky young boy.  How it made the archives of school crap my mom saved I have no idea.  I submit it unchanged from 65 years spelling has improved a little, but then there was no-spell check in 1956.


Most of the time on Halloween night I have fun but this year I had to take my brother Melvin out.  I always thought he was weird but tonight he proved it.  When we knocked at the first door My brother turned to me drulling and his fangs grew.  I told him to stop playing but he only tried to bite me.  This could cause preblums, after all what would you do if your brother was a were-wolf.  I ran home and told mom but didn’t believe me, she just kept saying stop joking and have a piece of candy.  Their wasn’t any thing to do so I took the candy and ran.  As I left the house I saw my brother he was normal again.  I took him to the police and told them of my proplum and suggested they take him to the zoo or something but they only said gowan home kid.  As I left the police station I turned and my brother almost bit my nose off  Hear we go again.  After an hour of chaceing around I went into my house again.  I pleaded whith my mother to take Melven to the zoo or something like that.  But she only gave me anouther piece of candy.  Now this was getting serous , after all Melven was chaseing around and mom was handing candy around.  But it was good so I took it and ran again.  After a while it was twelve oclock and my brother was normal again.  After that I got out of bed and got some candy but it was not nearly as good as in the dream.

I found myself in bed it was all a dream.

(Most of young Cranky’s stories seem to end up as a dream.)


  1. Oh that's cute - spelling errors and all.

  2. It's a classic for sure! Love that little cranky boy! I can see why your Mom kept it...that's what we Mom's do you know, keep the cutest things! Happy Halloween!

  3. This is something you handed in at school? Pretty good story.
    I kept a few things my kids did, not many and I don't even know where they are now. My sister is shocked that I didn't keep Every Single Thing, I told her I'd need a whole extra house to store them, but she still thinks I should have.

  4. This is hilarious. I like your creative spelling. The dream ending was a surprise, since I am not a regular reader of Young Cranky stories.

  5. Great writing, JoeH. And a frightening dream.

    God bless.

  6. Love it. Even then you could really tell a story.

  7. You had the power of the pen even as a youngster. Loved the story and even more that it was a dream. Phew. Can see why your Mom kept that. Any more??

  8. Well done, young Cranky! Hope you got an A.

  9. this was cute writing i must say :)

    all the sudden i reached in my childhood as i have some of my old writing and they make me laugh or smile now :)
    you had gift for writing and sharing even when you were just ten wow :)