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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

The Persnickety Mrs. C


The Persnickety Mrs. C


There are several thing about which Mrs. C is especially persnickety.  

(That’s right…PERSNICKETY!  I am old and proud of it.)

She gets angry when she takes the car in for service and someone changes her seat adjustment.  She claims it takes forever for her to get it “Just right” again. 

I almost paid an additional $200 a month on a car lease to get one with an automatic seat adjustment setting.  Common sense did kick in, especially as it was to be my car, I opted for a Honda over a Cadillac.

Anyway, she is very particular about any of her things, especially when it effects adjustments.

The other night I wanted to try on her bowling glove.  She doesn’t bowl much, but she uses the glove to prevent that carpool-tunnel thing you get from using your computer keyboard a lot.

My bowling glove is too large, I was talked into an extra-large probably as the shop did not have a large.  It has stretched out a bit and now does not fit correctly. 

Without asking, I started to try on Mrs. C’s “Small” glove to get an idea what size to order on-line.

She went ballistic. 

“Don’t change the setting!  It is just right for me to be able to slip on and off without having to adjust the straps.”

“Ooh, adjust those Velcro straps…what a nightmare!”

“Just don’t touch it.”

Last week, I tweaked my back bowling.  Mrs. C has a back brace which also has adjustable Velcro straps.  Since she has to readjust it every time she uses it, unlike the glove, I thought maybe she would let me borrow it for bowling.  It was with great trepidation that I approached her about trying it on and maybe borrowing it until I could order one for myself.

“Er…ah…I was…”

“What did you do now?”

“Do you think maybe I could try on your back brace and use it tonight for bowling?”

“Absolutely not!”

“Why, how could I possible ruin or change an elastic back brace?”

“Because you don’t need my brace.”

“Maybe not, but it might keep me from tweaking my back again; damn you and your persnicketyness!”

I was getting a bit miffed over her reluctance to share, even at the expense of my bad back.

“Because last week when you told me you tweaked your back, I ordered a brace your size just for you.”

Well now I felt pretty small.

It did fit perfectly and my back was fine after bowling.

It takes a good wife to think ahead for her husband’s need, but only Mrs. C knows how to hold on to such a gesture in a way to maximize the deed and make me look small and petty.

Or do all wives have this ability?



  1. i didn't know they had carpool lanes in tunnels ... ; - ) jerk

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  3. Ha ha, wish I did, I might still be married or maybe I did it too well which is why I am not. Not sure:)

  4. I totally understand the seat thing. Jack's 6ft3... I'm 5ft6(almost). being the good wife I always (mostly) move his car seat back if I use his car. He doesn't do the same for me. In his defense he probably thinks I want to do it myself.(and he's right) We do have a fabulous mechanic. We're the same height! Win-Win!

  5. That was kind of Mrs. C. to get you a back brace. I think she just wanted to have some fun with you in the process!


  6. Persnickety is a great word, and she has quite the sense of timing.

  7. Persnicketers gonna persnick! I totally agree about the car seat settings! Even though the button is pushed (#1, of course) to return it to my position, it never goes completely back. It was sweet of Mrs. C to get you the back brace, so you are right to feel small. Maybe small enough to fit into her car seat position now.

  8. Probably 'good' wives have this ability. I do not.

  9. Sorry. Gotta' side with Mrs. C on all of this and I even go a step further and leave little notes, "don't move my shit." My kids used to borrow my vehicle all the time and I swore they were all sitting on the dash to drive it was so damn close but some mornings when I was in a rush I'd try to get into my seat and boom, it's like my spine turned into an accordion. So painful. I don't share anymore. And I really do leave death notes on all of my crafting and sewing stuff.