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Monday, May 30, 2011



Sunday June 5 is the date of the fourth annual Cut-a-thon for a cure for Pancreatic Cancer held at the Hair Shop in Parlin New Jersey.  What, you haven’t heard of it?  In my wife’s family it is huge.  My wife Karen and her siblings Maryann, Donna, and John (kinda sounds like the Dion song) lost both of their parents to Pancreatic Cancer.
Maryann runs a hair salon and started the Cut-a-thon four years ago.  Maryann, the hair stylists at her shop and John’s wife Claudine all contribute their time and skill for one day cutting hair.  The proceeds from all these cuts go to the Lustengarten Fund for a cure to this horrible disease. 
Maryann’s husband Mike works his butt off planning and setting up the event.  Donna and Karen help organize the event and do whatever odd jobs are needed.  John, along with various tasks during the event, deals with his three sisters during planning meetings.  This is a very difficult task indeed.
There are five cousins who all chip in to make the Cut-a-thon work. Along with helping at the event, Nicole takes notes at the family meetings.  Lenny, a professional actor and dancer, entertains the children.  Casey face paints at the event, Peter does whatever he is told, and Carly bakes cookies and sells them with lemonade. 
The entire family works hard and contributes whatever skills they have toward making this event a success.  The only one who does almost nothing for this event is me, the Cranky Old Man.
If any of the 6 ½ readers of this blog want to help me out, please donate to the Cut-a-thon through the web site listed below.  All proceeds go to the Lustgarten Foundation to find a cure for Pancreatic Cancer.  Send some cash and tell them the Cranky Old Man sent you. 
In the last two weeks my blog has had 44 visitors from 15 different countries, all expecting to find pornography.  Let’s see if the blogger audience can also show up for a good cause.  Some of you reach lots of people, pass this on and see what the blogger community can do! 
Credit to any donators will be announced in a future blog.  Be a big shot to eight or nine people from around the world!  Or, take this as a call for all good causes; give something to the charity of your choice and let me know.
Thx for listening,
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Due to blogger comment issues and a lack of readers, there was only one comment to “Superpowers I Want”.  Sarah P. wins with her desire for “the power to reshape people’s body parts”.  This is clearly a power which could only be bestowed upon a woman!  Congratulations Sarah P. you win free transportation to the beautiful land down under…..AUSTRALIA!! Come to Sayreville New Jersey USA to claim your prize!
The Cranky Old Man will be away until next week.  I am going fishing with Frog!  Thanks to all for your support….Blogger Power Rules!!
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  1. Cranky, good luck on this cause. Better share this on Facebook if you expect any action.

  2. All the best with raising awareness and funds for this horrible disease. And enjoy your fishing trip!