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Friday, May 13, 2011



What happened to global warming?  I turned my back and suddenly it is now called climate change.  Is the earth not warming?  It was a year ago.  Of course 35 years ago the earth was cooling.  In my teens I was scared that the next ice age was coming.  In my later years I was panicked that the earth was going to turn into a cinder.  Data showed that the Earth was warming; then data showed that for the last ten years the Earth was cooling.  E-mails then showed that the data was being played with.  What is going on?  Don’t people have to panic about something so the politicians can push their agenda? 
The climate is changing.  How can you dispute that?  Is it changing because of carbon dioxide emissions?  Maybe.  Is the Earth warming or cooling?  Yes!  Yes it is! 
The climate is changing, and it will be cataclysmic!  Hurricane?  Climate change.  Tornado?  Climate change.  Flooding?  Climate change.  Snow storm?  Climate change.  Hurricanes, tornados, flooding, blizzards, drought, earthquake, inflation, acne, allergies and hic cups all due to CLIMATE CHANGE!!
How do I know? Did you have a hurricane, tornado, flood, blizzard, earthquake or the hic cups yesterday?  Well if they happen today, it is a change in the climate, or….. CLIMATE CHANGE! 
The answer to this problem is simple.  Stop driving cars, stop warming your house, stop reading at night and watching TV.  Turn off your stoves; throw away your BBQ, work at home (but don’t use a computer), ground all planes; plant a tree, and stop fucking breathing! Do or don’t do whatever it takes to prevent the unpreventable so you don’t have to hear some politician with a hidden agenda tell you “I told you so!”  This may sound extreme, but we must save the earth.  Save the earth for those poor polar bears. 
Do seals get to vote on that? 
I am a bit tired of the environmental axiom that says if we upset the ecology in any way the earth and all its creatures are doomed.  Bull crap, just stop it!  The earth will change, the ecology will be different, creatures, flora and fauna will adapt.  I’m pretty sure it has always changed.  I know I have not seen a dinosaur in years. 
Stop the scary scenarios of the rising seas flooding our cities.  If it happens it will not be overnight; we will adapt.  We will build walls and dykes.  We will dig trenches and route the water to inland seas over land we currently don’t use.  Who really needs deserts?  Ok, I’ll miss the rattle snakes and horney toads, but I can sacrifice them for Sacramento.  Call me crazy.
Someday we will eliminate the use of fossil fuels.  That will be great.  We will invent new technologies that keep the air and water pure.  Smog will be eliminated; all forms of pollution will be a thing of the past.  All these things will happen and that will be wonderful.  However, the climate will still be changing, and meteorologists will still not be able to predict any change beyond the three day forecast.  We will still have hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, floods, droughts, earthquakes, inflation, acne, allergies and hiccups. 
If we don’t it will be because of climate change.  

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  1. At last!!!
    Have to say that I am fed up with hearing about the whole global warming/climate change thing!
    How arrogant is the human race to believe that it can destroy something that has been in existence - and yes continually changing - for millions of years!

  2. Ah! You sound just like my Mum and Dad! But I have to disagree with you. I swear I saw a dinosaur walking the streets just the other day. Thanks for Rewinding Cranky Old Man x

  3. Such a contentious issue Mr Cranky. You should host a discussion with the guys who run the funeral parlour at the end of my street...i think they might like your thoughts!


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