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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

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Just as an experimental, I thought I would try and wright while under the imfluence of alcohol.  I had only had 7 scotched and too beers, so it should not bee to bad.
I basically gave up drinking three months ago, so this is strictly four experimentally porpoises only.  In do not feel at this point that I are drunken.  I repeat, I believe I ament drunken but in fact am sobriety.
Alcohol has an important place in out societal and is partaken bye almost every parson.  In the twentieth centurian the USA tried to make alcohol unlegality.  This was not effective as it lead to much criminality behaviorial behavior.  It were called “Prohibital” and it proved to bea a failed experimental.
Over indulgence of licker can be a dangerous thin, but I intend to prove that even when slightly enebriateded, one can still become coherented.  In other words, even when slightly enebriateded,   one can still be coherented.
Therefore I believe that President Obama is too liberal for this country, conservatively speaking of course.
Other than that, people that drink should not drive.  Conversely people that drive should n’t be drunken.  The other day I was accused.  Bull shit! 
Hear is the secret to safty drinking.  Beer on whiskey mighty risky, whiskey on beer what the fuck.  Don’t fear.  Or maybe its beer then whiskey mighty risky, whiskey then beer never fear.  Something likes that.  Either way, watch how you mixer.
I used to be drimking very a lot.  That was when I was stupid.
One of the problems with drinking two much is u thinkin you are very cleaver.  Ever else thimks you are an arse whole.  They won’t be telling you because knowone wants to be arguing with an drunk.
You have opinions on political, and no one ever dissagrues because no one wants to argueate with a drunk.
As bed as drinking may be; even so it can have repercussions which arnt always ignorant. 
Por exemplum: (that’s Latin for such ass.)
I was drunk when I first realized that midgets are actually very short giants.  Convexly giants are huge midgets!
I was crocked when I first realize that clams on the half-shell are actually on a full shell, just not within their bivalve.  They should bee calling clams on the uni-valve.
I was inebriated when I first realized television was one word.  Therefore TV should correctly just be T.
I was wasted when I realized it was colder at night because the moon was so much smaller than the sun.
I was blitzed when I knew that knowing the shortest distance around a straight line was two points, made no sense.
I was bombed when I realized that Newton did not discover gravity, he discovered figs.
I was loaded when I thought if everyone wood face east and run in place for five minutes a day we could eliminate February 29th.
I was toasted the first time I realized……..I was toasted the first time I realized.
I don’t know about ewe, but when I drink I am becoming very Charmin.  At least that’s what I thought.  It turns out peoples are laughing at me, not within I. 
I started drinking in college.  How could something bee bad if you learned it in college??  That’s what I say.  In college we drank until the room was spinning.  Turns out that was a bad thing, usually anding on your niece hugging the toilet.
 In college we tried to drunkin our dates in order to sexing.  In my first marriage, I drank in Lew of sexing.  In my second marriage I drank to survive my second marriage.  In my third marriage I quiet drinking in order to sexing.
Finalist, and in cocoon I want two state that drimking is ultimately something which needs to be done in moderate.  It is fine to relax, it is fine to relax.  Relaxing is fine.  Butt, when drimking to excessivenate it is not a good think!
I urge my children and my grandestchildren, learn from my lessen. Drink to moderate, not in excessive.  Never ever drink and drive, if you cannot at leasten walker.
I used two be stupin, donut you be all so!   

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  1. Ah. Me thinks he hideth a great lesson in this clever post! And I am with you on the T. Thanks for Rewinding x