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Friday, October 21, 2022




As these days only about 17 people read this blog I am no longer afraid of delving into issues where opinions are frowned upon.   

Apparently, these days, people need to choose what pronoun they want to be used for their gender identity.  Pronouns used to be an easy thing.  If you were male your pronouns, were He/Him/His, female then it was She/Her/Hers. 

If you were gay it didn’t matter.  Gay man, still He/Him/His.  Lesbian, still She/Her/Hers.  Recently it seems some people who are male, identify as female and they want to be referred to with female pronouns, and some women choose male pronouns.

OK, confusing, but I can adjust.  If it makes a person happy, what do I care.

Then we have people who aren’t sure what gender they identify with.  These people do not want traditional pronouns.  Instead of He/Him/His or She/Her/Hers the preferred pronouns are They/Them/Theirs.

Why, I wonder is this so important to some people?

If I refer to someone with other then their preferred pronoun, how do they even know?  When do you refer to a person with a pronoun when that person is present?

If I am present, USE MY NAME.  Hello, I’m in the room, why are you using my pronoun?

What really is the ice water on my bad tooth, is the use of pronouns in the media.  Apparently news articles do not want to offend the .01 percent of the world that does not know what gender to identify as, so they choose the They/Them/Theirs as the default pronoun.

When I read, “A person stabbed a person when they accidently bumped into themselves.” I get confused.

What, was it one person, several persons…WHAT?  Then I realize it was the default pronoun being used.  Why? Did the stabber and stabbee request the gender confused pronouns, or was the reporter just afraid of offending anyone? If so, why wouldn’t the gender confused pronoun offend either the stabber or the stabbee if they were not gender confused?

Damn, now I am really confused.  Could we just use a non-plural pronoun to represent a single  gender confused person?  How about Himer/Sheim/Hershims.

It just seems to me that if you are a man or women who is unsure of what gender to identify as, your pronoun should not be your biggest concern.

However, since it apparently is so important, my preferred pronoun is “Youse Guys.” If I am present you can just use "Cranky."


  1. I don't get it either. All this is beyond my comprehension. You can refer to me as Patti, her, or she. I won't answer to they or them.

  2. I dont get it eaither

  3. These clunky pronouns must be wreaking havoc with the attention span of a goldfish. By the time they get to the end of the article, they won't remember the beginning, after spending valuable seconds trying to decipher the pronouns. Props to you for creating three choices for an alternative pronoun. The need for simplification is real.

  4. I refuse to say they or them or whatever. That's my right. People are just nuts anymore. I too prefer youse guys.

  5. I get confused reading news reports with they, them, their too.

  6. I thought it was only me as a non-native being confused by the they/them/their thing. I would expect it/its for singular(ly) confused persons, not a plural pronoun. The "Himser" words are great!

    1. Like I flatly refuse to be a Chair'person'. I'm a Chairman, thank you very much. And have threatened to lay down my office on the third offence to this rule.
      MotherOwl, preferring she/her/hers or in emergency "Hey, there" or "Mom!"

  7. I'm old school. There are two genders, male and female. I'm sticking to that. Everyone else can go woke. The world has gone mad. Fighting over issues that don't matter and ignoring issues that do
    Have a fabulous weekend, Joe. ☺

  8. It’s all a big freaking mess. I refuse to use or even know the pronouns. All of this wokeism crap is silly and you’re right that it’s about 1% that really care due to their fragile feelings. What a crazy whirled!

  9. As one of the "17", I agree with you and don't give moment thought to any of that nonsense. And, could you please post more often. I get nervous waiting so long for a Cranky post...

  10. I was lost when I had to do an educational class on how to address the new gender names. I had to look at a "Genderbread" person and frankly it just made me mad. As a healthcare worker I try to be very respectful to everyone who comes my way. You can rearrange your anatomy any way you want but your DNA is what it is...sorry. I totally agree with you Cranky. And you can call me YaYa, Kathy, Starko, Starcasm, Mom, Aunt, or friend...just don't call me late for dinner.

  11. oh how I understand this. A friend wrote about her daughter and I was so damn confused with the paragraph. Why in the past tense I wondered? They? Then it hit me. I knew she came out as gay but why the pronoun? Honestly I do not get it, I'm too old. You are born with femal chromosones or male chromosones. Those are your choices. Who you love is also a choice. So you can be a he and be gay/bisexual/trans/straight. Period. I recall the first trans person I met. She was born female she told her parents. But this was their little boy. So off to the doctors they go. Chromosone tests showed this was a female. No mistaking it. Classic Female Chromosones. So for her to become female was surgery and easy for her. But she was a he until she was a she. But honestly she was a she all along because of her chromosones. Make sense? Yeah, I'm too old for all this shit! HA

  12. I think I'm awake, but I'm definitely not woke. Just call me Barb.

  13. Just don't call me late for dinner.

  14. "It just seems to me that if you are a man or women who is unsure of what gender to identify as, your pronoun should not be your biggest concern." I love this so much...