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Thursday, August 11, 2022





I seldom answer a phone call from someone I do not know.  We have a land line which will display a caller number or ID.  My cell only rings for numbers in my contact list, if it is important, I will see a message. 

Occasionally I will pick up on an unknown entity.  It gives me a chance to yell at a stranger.  I know it won’t stop these asshats from calling, but it sometimes just feels good.

Today the land line rang and I felt the need to yell at someone.

“Razzafrast.” (I never answer hello, I try to catch them off guard with a mumble.)

“Hi, this is your Congressman, Frank Malone.  Tomorrow I will be voting in favor of the Presidents bill to end inflation and climate change, boost the economy and ensure our Democracy will not be dismantled.  Please hold on to answer our constituents survey on this historic bill. “

I was not sure why he would be taking a survey on a bill that he has already said he is voting in favor of, but as he wanted my opinion, I hung on, even though I don’t know enough about the bill to give an educated opinion.

“Thank you for waiting:

Press one if you believe this bill will stop inflation.

Press two if you believe this bill will stop climate change.

Press three if you believe this bill will add jobs to the economy.

Press four if you believe this bill will save our democracy. *

Press five for something else.”

Well, that is a bull shit survey! 

I’m sure I will read somewhere that 40% of Mr. Malone’s constituents believe this bill will end inflation, 30% believe it will end climate change, 15% believe it will add jobs, 10% think it will save our democracy, and 5% are too stupid to have a real opinion.

I decided to cast my opinion by hanging up on this important, informative survey.

Later tonight, Mrs. C chastised me for not taking out the garbage last night.

“You should have taken the garbage out last night; it is beginning to stink up the garage!”

“Let me ask you a question:

Did I not take out the garbage last night because

Press one for My wife did not remind me.

Press two for I should have been reminded by my wife.

Press three for It is the wife’s job to nag her husband about the garbage.

Press four for no one reminded your husband about the garbage.

Press five for something else.”


She hung up on me!


*I will save the one asshat the lecture and interject here that we have a representative republic, not a democracy…I don’t know the difference either but someone always has to point this out to me.  And by the way, democracy was congressman Malone’s word, not mine.



  1. That's not a survey i would have stuck around for, either.

  2. This week I've been getting calls on the landline from TOLL FREE CALL. Always from a different area code and number. The machine picks up, there's a moment of silence, then they hang up. Not even mechanical breathing! Those were the good old days, when you'd get a heavy breather to mess with by blowing a whistle in his ear. Yes. I said HIS.

  3. That survey is nonsensical and a good one to hang up on. I don't answer unknown caller calls.

  4. i don't pick up wrong numbers at all ,i think such survey hardly serve for good purpose
    the survey you mentioned sounds more real :)

  5. Ha ha, seems you found a good use for those survey questions turning them on Mrs. C. Seems she had the same response you did.

  6. For the last couple of years all I hear about is "Democracy" - That we're a Democracy...Democracy this and Democracy that. I want to yell,


    Sorry for yelling - it just rubs me the wrong way.

  7. Hopefully they weren't calling from India and also offering a warranty for your car.

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Comment removed for it's political opinion per rules in the header.

  9. Oh, that was no survey and a questionnaire of the worst kind.

  10. So funny. I never answer unsolicited phone calls. Such a waste of time. I always hang up as soon as I realise they are fishing for something...