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Thursday, January 14, 2021




Mrs. C is a woman of few words.  She will not communicate if something should be apparent. 

“Why should I waste my words.”

For instance, tonight after dinner I remarked about some Girl Scout cookies we had, “Lemonade” that we both really like.  I need a snack with my evening coffee, and these cookies were high on my list.

“There are only three Lemonades left, I’m having two, but I’m waring you, if you don’t take the last one, it will be toast later on tonight!”


Later tonight it was time to go downstairs and turn out the front light.  The front light is left on every night until 11:00 when it is my job to go downstairs and turn it off.  “Why” you ask, don’t we just turn the light off when we first go upstairs? (which we do early to watch TV)”

Don’t ask!

Anyway, as I was going downstairs, I said,

“Last chance on the Lemonade cookie, if you don’t want it, it is mine.”


I turned out the light and went for the cookie.  It had already been consumed.

When I returned upstairs, I lied to Mrs. C,

“I decided not to eat the last cookie, it’s yours if you want it tomorrow.”


“You’ve got nothing to say?”


“I know you ate it, it was gone!”


“So why didn’t you tell me when I asked if you wanted it?”

“I knew you would figure it out, why should I waste the words.”

“You do know, you are not charged by the word.  It’s not as if when you are born you are only allowed a certain number of words and then you die.  There is no reason to save your words!”


“I hate you!”

“You’re a jerk!”

“You just wasted three words; I know I’m a jerk!”



  1. If the cookie had been there, you could have hidden it under a towel so she would have to ask for it! Unless that towel trick only works against YOU!

  2. I don't understand saving the words either, moreover, when someone asks you a specific question, like "do you want the last cookie?" the polite thing to do is reply.

  3. There should be more people who think like Mrs. Cranky. The world would be a better place.

  4. You two are perfect for each other and you both know it. No words needed.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. ☺

  5. I am still waiting for the sitcom of the Crankys and hope I get the channel. Till then, I'll just enjoy the blog.

  6. I would have continued in a charade of acting like I thought the cookie was still there.

  7. Looks like you tricked each other. The secret to a happy marriage.

  8. Not only is this funny but you could put it on Facebook and use it as a wonderful advertisement for girl scout cookies!

  9. i enjoyed this one dear Joe :)

    i agree with Mrs C that there are times when one is in mood to not waste words :)

    cookies sound appealing

  10. Issues that can be used to mutually entertain one another in the days of the pandemic, or any other time one is bored. Have you considered writing a “How to” book with scenarios readers can recreate in their own homes to create excitement? This one would be called, “The Cookie Crisis”. The Lemonade Crisis would have to be a bit separate and different. See, you already have two scenarios for your book.

  11. Cranky, I'm getting worried. Where are you? Nothing since 14 January?