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Monday, October 19, 2020

Where Have All the Lima’s Gone?


Where Have All the Lima’s Gone?

There is a major issue in this country that is obviously being covered up.  I know it exists, but I can find no information while searching through all of the main street media.  All I  find are stories about the Election, Covid, Riots, Climate…no information what-so-ever about an issue close to my heart. 

Why the coverup?

“What are you talking about?” you ask…or maybe you don’t, but this is what I am talking about:


For the past month I have shopped at multiple supermarkets looking for lima beans.  NOTHING!  I have never before gone into a supermarket and NOT found lima beans, now NOTHING.  Not a

“sold out of limas” sign, not an

“ask an employee for lima beans” massage. 


There is clearly an issue, why is no one talking? 

Why the cover up?

Ok, some of you are saying (that’s right, I can hear you)

“Who cares Cranky, no one eats them anyway?”

I eat them.  I am a lima bean fan.  Hell the stores have an abundance of Brussel sprouts and kale.  You think lima beans are bad, how about Brussel sprouts and kale!  Actually I like Brussel sprouts, but KALE?  WTF?

Kale eaters are the same people who simply have to inform me when ever I pick a head of my favorite Iceberg Lettuce that,

“You know that has zero nutritional value don’t you?”

Yes I do know, it also does not taste disgusting like Romaine lettuce does, and if I am looking to get vitamins and healthy calories I will get out of the lettuce aisle.  I have never heard of a doctor advising a patient who is lacking proper nutrition to “Eat more Romaine lettuce!”

Anyway, back to lima beans.  What is the story?  Where are they?  Am I all of a sudden the only person that eats lima beans? Are the Russians or the Chinese behind the shortage?

Today I actually found two packages of frozen lima beans.  They were the baby lima beans which I usually avoid, as baby lima beans are the veal of the bean world, but beggars cannot be choosy.  I snatched up the only two packages and hid them in my cart under the iceberg lettuce (which has absolutely NO nutritional value) hoping I was not exceeding some government imposed limit on lima bean purchasing.

I made it through the checkout line without incident and now have enough lima beans to last several weeks as long as I strictly ration them.

In the mean time I want to know,

Where have all the Lima’s gone, long time passing

Where have all the Lima’s gone, long time ago.

Your welcome for that Peter, Paul, and Mary ear worm.


  1. I actually just got lima beans last week from our Walmart. But no baby limas which is what I really like. So I have to make due with the adult ones. Hope you find some soon so you don't go into withdrawal.

  2. Glad you finally found some to tide you over. Withdrawal is painful. Evidently they are a hoarder item in your area. Don't care for them myself but I just Googled them and they are in stock at my local Walmart. If all else fails, try eBay. They have everything.

  3. Lima is the capital and the largest city of Peru. Its beans should get more respect.

  4. Ever since the COVID madness began, I have been amazed by the weird, wack-a-doodle food outages. I shop for a shut-in lady, and it seems every week, there's some item where I go to the spot, and there's a big empty space on the shelf. Pastry flour? Not today, bub. Black Forest ham? Try again later. Romaine lettuce, for crying out loud? They all eventually show up, but it just makes me wonder what the heck is going on. . .

  5. Jack loves those! (Notice I said Jack, not me loves them) I always make them when he asks and I haven't had any problems finding them here. However, I'm now nervous and I'm going to run to Walmart asap in the AM and grab a bunch of bags and hide them under the toilet paper and clorox wipes. Once I made Kale chips in the oven with the stupid assumption they would be a substitute for potato chips. Gag, Gag, Gag. I threw them in the trash with the quinoa. I don't trust food that I can't pronounce because the spelling is weird. I mean when you have steak it's pronounced like it's spelled. get it the picture..rant over!

  6. It took me months to find canned mushrooms. Is that a good combo with lima beans? Are people making some extra-special tasty dish with them together? They must be washing it down with Great Value Sugar Free Cherry Limeade, because it has been missing longer than the mushrooms.

  7. I don't like lima beans and never even look for them here so I don't know if Aus has a shortage too. I remember buying dried lima beans long ago for a recipe which none of us liked so it never got made again. If you find any you can have my share. Can you get canned or dried Lima's? Would they be okay or do you need them to be fresh or frozen? I like Romaine lettuce, which we call Cos, but hate tasteless Iceberg as it goes in one end and out the other by superfast express. Yeah, yeah, too much information..

  8. I've been reading your blog for a long time and never commented, but "baby lima beans are the veal of the bean world"...very funny! Also I'm giggling about a possible government imposed limit on lima beans. Thanks for the ear worm. Good thing I like that song.

    PS: I may not have commented before, but I've clicked the funny button many times.

  9. Its weird how these shortages are. I remember a few years back when we lived in Prescott we couldn't find any lemons that we needed for a recipe. And then suddenly a few weeks later everyone had them. I'll have to see the status of lima beans here in Phoenix.


  10. I have never liked lima beans, maybe because my mom overcooked them to mush. I eat edamame which is a good substitute since it kind of looks like a lima bean and has near the same texture. Since it is soy, it probably not good for me. I don’t care. Enjoy your baby lima beans and iceberg lettuce, Joe,

  11. I wondered why no lima beans in the frozen mixed vegetables lately. I'm not complaining, I hate lima beans and pick them out of my food.

  12. My husband LOVES lima beans - and butter beans. I don't. So I make him his batch every now and then to keep him happy. Early on, this year I couldn't find pinto beans or navy/small white beans. Actually there are a lot of shortages out there with no explanation. Yesterday I went to 3 stores looking for furniture polish. Nothing! It's a conspiracy, I tell you and because of the election it is being overlooked.

  13. I have studiously avoided lima beans since being forced to eat them as a child. 'Course that was back when every vegetable had to be boiled to within a wisp of it's very life. Maybe I should try them again. Now kale? I don't think I ever had it as a child but I've tried it in recent days and have sent it to the Great Yuck Vegetable Cemetery, at least in my mind. And, like you, I like Brussels Sprouts.

  14. Excellent question. We also eat limas, and have not noticed a shortage, but we have a bag left. Now i will go looking, see what i come up with.

  15. I like lima beans, too, and suspect there's a conspiracy of some sorts that accounts for their absence but i just don't know why. I do like romaine lettuce mixed with all the other kinds and no shortage there.

  16. In Tucson we have limas, we do not have black eyed peas. They've vanished.

  17. haha

    so true to think that am i the only person who eats lima

    when i moved here after marriage i found red beans easily available here but after few years hubby told me that "no red beans in the market anymore" and till today it is so
    we bring few kg packet when visit my native area

  18. I can't believe I missed this post! I've been checking back faithfully. - Anyway. I too love lima beans but I discovered that I like butter beans A LOT more. They're basically lima beans only bigger, at least to me. Have you tried those??? Nice to see you back!

  19. Must be satire, NO ONE actively seeks out lima beans .......

  20. Meanwhile, it's almost a year later and there's still no lima beans to be found in Northern NJ food stores. I'm very sad.