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Sunday, October 25, 2020

People are Strange


People are Strange

Football Coaches are all Buttheads

I was going to name this post “Another reason Why Facebook Sucks” but I know my older readers will immediately jump in and tell me why they hate anything social media…anyway, I hate Facebook but it does allow me to keep up with children and grandchildren.  People who post political stuff I just unfollow.

So, outside of politics and other things, here is another reason why Facebook sucks. 

Facebook commentors. 

Facebook commentors often suck.  Oh, they mean well, but…ok, here is an example:

My son posted a video of my 12-year-old grandson making a nice tackle in a  Pop Warner football game.

I commented “WOW, nice play.”

Several people commented “Yea Cole, you go!”

One apparently ex-football coach (almost all football coaches are buttheads…often really good guys, but buttheads nonetheless) and peripheral friend of my son commented:

Tell him to never step inside when he has the edge. Always work outside shoulder to the sideline. Turn everything in. Great recovery though and nice finish!!

I was a head high school football coach for 20. Years. Retired last season. Our team and coaching staff compiled a 105-5 record over the last 11 seasons.


My son was a bit riffed about this critique; he is like me and can not just let stuff go.  He responded basically saying he played 12 years and coached High School for six years and thought his son played everything correctly.

I would have replied

“I played linebacker for 12 years and coached for 6 and I have no idea what you are talking about and pretty sure neither would my son, but thanks for the advice.”

This also got me thinking about my football days and the fact that football coaches are never happy or satisfied with their players until, maybe the end of the season.

We once won a game (it was Jr. High) 40 – 0 and on the bus home we started to celebrate.  The coach stood up and told us,

“I don’t know what you are all happy about, that team was terrible and you all were too.  You should have scored at least twice more!”

That guy was actually a good guy and a good coach, but like I say,

“Football coaches are all buttheads!” 

Hmmm…maybe that should be the title of this post.



  1. i think Facebook represents the true scenario of world here ,all conflicts and arguments one can find here at boiling point here ,hardly anything uplifting
    i bet your grandson played wonderfully and deserve appreciation and encouragement dear Joe :)

  2. Good job on the tackle, Cole! I didn't see it, but I believe your grandpa. As for football coaches... did I ever tell you I had one for my GEOGRAPHY teacher? Which might be the reason I didn't know ENGLAND IS AN ISLAND until a few years ago.

  3. Ha ha, loved your "fake"reply. That should have shut him up. I dated a guy in high school who broke his nose during a game but didn't dare tell his coach and kept playing. He said his fear outweighed the pain. Evidently I didn't scare him much. He broke our date to go to the ER after the game:)

  4. Opinions are like a##h***s everyone has one, but on Facebook they speak freely.

    Have a fabulous day and week. ☺

  5. Ugh. Those people/coaches, are the worst! I hate it when they try to steal the thunder from a little kid! - Way to go Cole!

  6. I'm glad I know nothing about football! Wait! I do know the Brown's won yesterday. But I'm sure they were probably terrible and the other team was worse..blah, blah, blah. Anyway, have a great week and stay being you..I love your posts!

  7. I am mostly a “like” person. If it is a sentimental picture or one of a child, then it is a love or care emoji. You can’t lose with those.

    That is great that both you and your son were coaches. Even more than teachers, coaches are revered by their players forever, even if they were buttheads. When a coach dies, their funerals are usually very well attended.

  8. That's the beauty of Facebook. Someone doesn't get it, you have 3 easy choices: Zing 'em, make their dumbness mysteriously vanish, or make THEM mysteriously vanish ..... It's awesome!

  9. Love your conclusion! Yes, i've known a couple of those nice buttheads, some were more so than others.

  10. I always get a kick out of the armchair coaches while a game is being played, or right after some play.

  11. 2 of my 3 sons played football and sports. The best coach my youngest son had was a woman soccer coach on a private soccer team. He had her for 5 years. He still thinks about her and all that she gave to him, to make him a better man. He also had a awesome basketball coach. Football? That's another matter. He had a jerk of a coach in HS and college. I don't know what it is about football coaches...

  12. My son loved football. Unfortunately, he was small (but fast). The coach didn't want him on the team and assigned two boys on the team to 'ring his bell' whenever they could manage to do so at practice. He finished his 9th grade season and never went back. I never heard about it until years after the fact. Football coaches are pricks. He had a great wrestling coach though.

  13. There was this feeling amongst certain managers at work that it encourages their staff to do more, and do better, if they gave them negative talks. Like you describe here, JoeH.

    "We met the profit targets for this month, but I expected more of you!" I always thought at the time they were buttheads. But I did not use such a polite word like you do.

    God bless.

  14. And another thing ... I once did not like something I said on Facebook so I unfollowed myself. I could not log into my account again!

    Stupid or what?

    God bless.