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Saturday, July 18, 2020

Up or Down

Up or Down

There are lots of things that I am not very good at that Mrs. C is an expert.
For instance, directions; Mrs. C always knows how to get from point A to point B when driving, and she knows multiple ways of getting there.  Me…I think I am going north if I am going up hill and south if going downhill.  I only know east and west if I can see the NYC skyline.

I can’t find stuff in the fridge, but I think that is because Mrs. C loads the fridge and she keeps moving stuff around just to confuse me.

When I ask for where something is, I always get a vague answer.
“Where is the sea salt?”

“In the pantry.”

Of course, now I have to ask “Where in the pantry.”

“Top shelf.”

We have several top shelves in our pantry which has three walls, but at this point I just check each top shelf until I find the sea salt.

Often when I ask for where something is, I get an answer,

“You should know.”

“AH, but I don’t, that is why I am asking.”

Then she will explain why I should know at which point I have to respond,

“OK, but I still don’t know even though I should know, so could you just tell me?”

She will eventually tell me, but I have to do the dance.

Here is one where I think I am right.

Scroll up, or scroll down?

When ever I am looking for something on the computer and Mrs. C is walking me through it, she tells me to scroll up, or to scroll down.

Now to me that means to move the scroll bar up or down.  Apparently, she means move the screen data up or down.

Scroll bar up, screen data goes down, scroll bar down, screen data goes up.

This always starts an argument.

“No, I said scroll up, not down!”

“I did scroll up, what are you talking about?”

“You scrolled down, not up!”

“Did not!”

“Did too!”

“You’ve got it all wrong.”

“No, you do, because…You’re a JERK!”

I’m not giving in on this one.  Scroll direction refers to the direction of the scroll bar.



  1. It's right for you and that's all that counts.

    Have a fabulous weekend, Joe. ☺

  2. You know I just tested that and you are right. I have been thinking wrong for years.

  3. I agree with you on this one with the scroll bar.


  4. This scrolling up and down is always confusing especially when there is a back seat driver.

  5. I have to agree with you on this. If I say "scroll down,", I mean for you to see something nearer the bottom of the screen. Which technically makes the screen data go up.

  6. What Val said :)
    The down arrow makes the data scroll up so you can read the bottom line, the up arrow, scrolls the data down so you can re-read the first paragraph.

  7. I have a great sense of direction as long as I'm driving....otherwise I screw up all the time, then end up with scowls when we don't end up where we meant to go. Now we just use gps on our phones, and I don't have to live through the scowl :-)

  8. After reading this, I think this is why I haven't been married since 1997! lol

  9. OK ... here is a puzzle. Why can't we scroll left and right?

    God bless.

  10. I never noticed it before, but you're right. Sorry Mrs C.