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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Apparently, I am A Genius

Apparently, I am A Genius

I am not bragging, just stating a fact.  It is a fact that I have discovered through a myriad of IQ tests on Facebook.  These tests prove I am a genius.

First there was one that claimed “Only one in a thousand can find the short-tailed rat.”

There was then a collage of around 100 rats, all but one with long tails.

I found the short tail rat in less than a minute!

Then there was a test that said “Only a genius can read this.” 

The paragraph that followed contained misspelled words, words with numbers instead of letters, and some words that were spelled backwards.
I read the paragraph effortlessly!

Most recently I took a vocabulary test where only someone with an IQ of 140-149 could correctly choose the definition of a word from multiple choices 18 ties out of 20.

I answered all 20 correctly!

That’s it, I am a genius.  I must be, I proved it on all the Facebook tests.

I doubt anyone reading this post could prove that your a genius from any of these tests.  You would probably not do better then I.
Don’t feel two bad, everyone can’t be a genius like I be.


  1. Got to do something during these "safer at home" times!


  2. Congratulations on the discovery of your geniusosity!

  3. Well done. I shall know where to come if I need help.

  4. Definitely need to call you Mr. Genius. Nice to know someone who has all the answers.

  5. Impressive. Keep those stats handy when Mrs. C calls you a Jerk, although I guess it is possible to be both.

  6. You're the only genius I know. I'm impressed and all this time I've been listening to your wife call you a jerk.

    Have a fabulous day, Joe. 😎

  7. Yeah Yeah. I also passed all those FB tests with flying colors. I think it shows observation and attention to detail, not necessarily intelligence. But then our POTUS took a test that they give to those with dementia or brain damage and since he passed it, he now thinks he is a genius.

    1. This was sort of meant to be funny, hence the later incorrect use or "your" and "then" and other grammatical errors, but somehow it get turned around to a stupid political comment. Pretty much why this is probably my last post. THis blogging used to be fun when it used to be fun.

      Meanwhile vote for ever you want, I don't care my only concern is if Biden wins, who will actually be the President, possibly a good person, who knows. That is why so many people will vote for a potato before they vote for Trump. I get it; no need to keep feeding the goose.