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Sunday, July 16, 2023





Years ago, and I mean a lot of years ago, the Good Humor truck and it’s magic jingle was a standard in every community.  The man in a clean white suit sold popsicles of various flavors, the classic chocolate covered vanilla on a stick, drumsticks, the creamsicle and fudgesicle, and my favorite, toasted almond bars.

There were no strange fancy flavors, pretty much vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream and cherry, orange, lemon, and lime popsicles.  Oh yah, also my fav…raspberry.

In warm weather, after school, a truck was always waiting.  As a middle class young Cranky eight-year-old, I always had change in my pocket to make a Good Humor purchase. 

Those days I brought my lunch and purchased a small milk at school.  The milk cost three cents, and my wealthy middle-class mom would give me a dime every day for the milk.  Because I excelled in math, I know this left me with seven cents jingling in my pocket every day to invest, or to buy ice-cream.

Had I invested the seven cents every day in a hot stock like Polaroid, I would have been rich…that is until Polaroid crapped out, so instead I wisely went the eight-year-old direction and bought ice-cream.

I still remember the Good Humor prices.  Popsicles on one stick were exactly seven cents.  Two stick popsicles were a dime along with the standard bar, drumsticks, and an ice-cream sandwich.  A creamsicle or a fudgsicle (pronounced fugicle) were twelve-cents.  A toasted almond was fifteen cents, or two plus days of milk money change.

Most days I went with a seven-cent raspberry one-stick.  On rare occasions I would skip a day and after maybe cashing in a two-cent deposit coke bottle to splurge and buy my absolute favorite the toasted almond bar.

Time passes and the uniformed man and his truck has disappeared, but there is still Good Humor at the store.  In my current affluent fixed income retired state, I am able to splurge often and purchase a whole box of decadent toasted almond bars.  

The toasted almond bar is one of the few things Mrs. Cranky and I can agree on.  It may be the glue to our otherwise often contentious relationship.

The last year we have been unable to find our favorite ice-cream treat.  We assumed it was always just sold out as it was everyone’s favorite.

Horrors to horrors, I recently learned through one of ex-blogger Suldog’s daily Facebook surveys, that the toasted almond bar is no longer in production.


The most decadent treat of my childhood is gone!  They sell crap like a strawberry shortcake and bars shaped like cartoon characters but not the best ice-cream bar ever, TOASTED ALMOND!

I am disgusted.  My marriage may not survive.

At least they still sell creamsicles and fudgesicles.

Come to think of it I haven’t seen a fudgesicle bar in years.

What the Hell is happening in this country?


  1. The Toasted Almond was fantastic, a rare treat. I was appalled to find out it was no longer made.

  2. Sorry for your loss! I never had a toasted almond bar, so I can't fully appreciate its demise. My favorite was the orange sherbet PUSH-UP! We didn't have a Good Humor man. We did have a Tastee Freeze guy. I mainly remember the plastic ring in the shape of a soft-serve cone. Only the finest jewelry for Li'l Val.

  3. This is an outrage. I have never tried one of those bars but now I perhaps never shall. Shall we riot in the streets?

  4. Why, oh why, do they always stop making the best stuff and keep making the junk? We need to write in a protest, maybe get signatures. If you put a petition to the Good Humor people online, i'll stop by and sign it.

  5. Cranky is back! It's alive! It's AALLLIIIIVVVVEEEE!!!

    1. I prefer the He/Him pronouns...most of the time.

  6. You brought back so many memories of my childhood summer evenings. When that jingle sound came around all the kiddos in the neighborhood were begging the Moms and Dads for change unless, like you, they had a stash! I LOVED the almond bars too! The BEST! Yes, I loved that good humor man but one evening my brother and his friend were tossing stones around like boys do and accidentally hit the windshield of the icecream truck. They thought they killed the icecream man and both took off running. The one boy came back but my brother kept running. I mean really kept running. He was tall for 12 and was picked up by the police because he looked like a criminal they were looking for. However, they called my folks to report they found this kiddo who said he was their son. My Mom said to keep him until the morning to learn a lesson. So my 12 yr old brother spent the night in the drunk tank. True story. He did grow up to be a wonderful father, husband, worker and lives a nice quiet life between Panama and Florida. I doubt he craves any good humor icecream! The Good humor man was unhurt by the way!

  7. sigh ! i long for days when would talk about anything except inflation