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Thursday, June 15, 2023





Mrs. C and I just returned from helping her son and DIL move from North Jersey to Amish country in Pennsylvania.  The move was a little over 250 miles to a very nice new two-bedroom apartment.

While the kids drove out ahead to sign papers, check in and do whatever you have to do when moving into a new home, Mrs. C led the way for Cranky to drive a van of the kids possessions.

Sounded easy enough when I volunteered driving duty, until I saw the truck.

How two kids could accumulate so much stuff that had to follow them I have no idea.  The Truck that was packed to the hilt was a 26-foot U-Haul van.  Not an eighteen-wheeler, but for an old man, it was a big honking truck.

Driving this thing about scared the stuffings out of me.  A big full truck does not accelerate very fast.  It does not slow down very fast.  When you veer just a bit while answering Mrs. C on the cell phone, it does not recover quickly.  I may have hit those wake-up strips on the highway more than a few times, and I rode them for several seconds when I did.

At one point Mrs. C called and asked,

“Is the truck pulling to the right?”

This was her polite way of asking,

“Do you know what the Hell you’re doing, or are you falling asleep?”

I assured her the only thing wrong with the steering was the driver.

Anyway, I certainly gained new appreciation for the men and women who keep our economy running by handling those really, big trucks, part of the lifeblood of our economy.

When we did reach our destination, we now needed to unload this monstrosity.  I’m a little surprised it all fit into their new apartment.  Clearly, they will be doing some crap culling over the next few weeks.

Anyway, it took the four of us three hours of hauling boxes of books, furniture and stuff.  It then took another few hours for Mrs. C to assemble shelves and storage systems that were new in the box.  I served as Mrs. C’s gofer and resident screwer and hammerer.

I won’t even go into the fiasco of trying to return the big truck.  Suffice to say it was not without incident, and when we finally dropped it off it was like taking a boulder off my chest.

Anyway, the kids are moved into a lovely apartment in a very pretty section of our country.  I expect they will be very happy as their previous situation was not particularly pleasant.

I did learn that if I choose to come out of retirement, truck driving is out of the question.  Manual labor is out of the question. Actually, standing for over three hours is out of the question.

Do Wal-Mart greeters get to sit down while they wave to customers?

This adventure is over now, and I plan on a hot bath followed by rolling around in a vat of “Hempvana“

before taking a long nap!

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  1. You did well getting everything there in one piece! If I ever move again I will be hiring professional movers for the lifting and driving.

  2. You were exceptionally brave to drive that big truck. And to help unload. I would be confined to bed for a couple of days after such an effort.

  3. I am impressed! No way could I drive a giant truck like that. You are a good egg, and I'm glad you didn't crack under this pressure. To show her gratitude, Mrs. C should leave a few snacks out in plain sight, so you don't have to bother with her kitchen-towel security system.

  4. Driving those is a skill. I found out how hard it can be to drive large vehicles when our family went on vacation in an RV, the big kind. It gave me a new appreciation for how those truck drivers feel and what they go through.

    You did a yeoman's work and i hope the beneficiaries of it see that and appreciate it.

  5. Moving is such hard work and when driving those big u-hauls is even harder. You did good though - I now cringe when I hear someone is moving and they start looking around for someone to offer them help - We're learning to just sit there - and look oblivious. Family, is another thing - now we try and pull the senior card - and include some of our aches and pains with that as well. Sadly, it doesn't work.

  6. I hate moving and whenever I think we should downsize I look around our house and go into a cold sweat...yikes. I'd rather eat razor blades while drinking lemon juice that help people move or pack. I do it though when I'm made to feel like a slacker if I don't. You are brave to drive that truck! I hope when the time does come to leave this garden of weeding we can afford to hire professionals to do it. I've already begun throwing things out, giving things away, then doing the dumb thing of buying something I probably will eventually end up giving away or throwing out.

  7. Moving is always such an Ordeal and the Older I get the more I never want to have to do it again.