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Friday, August 27, 2021

It’s A Running Battle I tell Ya!


It’s A Running Battle I tell Ya!


Mrs. C and I are not totally compatible.  That probably shocks most married couples, but we are not always compatible.  We try to manage.

One of the biggest issues is temperature.  I like it cool; Mrs. C likes it hot…and then she likes it cold…and then hot again.  Apparently, she is going through something.  Whatever it is, we never agree on temperature.

Sometimes a solution is easy, I don’t need covers at night, she does…and then she doesn’t…and then she does again.  Not an issue for me, she can have the covers as needed.

One thing I find interesting is when in the car she turns the heat up to 80 degrees in the winter and down to 68 in the summer.

“Why, so high (or low)?”

“I want the car to heat up (or cool off) as fast as possible.”

I explain that the car will reach 72 degrees if you set to 72 just as fast as if you set it at 80 degrees.

She disagrees about the degrees.

Anyway, temperature is a constant battle.  In the summer I drop the temp to 74 when she is not looking.  When I suddenly start to feel warm, I find she has changed it to 78.  Fortunately, she does not hide the thermostat under a towel, so I just quietly change it back.  It is a running battle.

Recently Mrs. C found a solution for our bedroom.  She bought a cube thing that you fill with ice water.  It has a fan and blows cool air in my direction.

The first night she had the cube set on the low step of a two-step step-ladder we have.  The cold air was great except it was aimed below me.  On the top step of the ladder, she had an air diffuser thing that filled the room with a hint of eucalyptus. 

(Have I mentioned that Mrs. C will buy just about any gadget she sees in a catalog?)

I moved the cooling cube up the ladder.

“Don’t do that, it will ruin the air diffusing.”

“No it won’t, the diffuser goes straight up and not in the way of the cooling air.”

“Leave it on the lower step!”

“That just blows refreshing air under the bed and is useless!”

For one of the few times in our marriage I won a “discussion” and the cube went to the top step.


“Could you turn the cube away a bit and turn the divertors in a down direction? I am feeling the cold air.”

“Sure, but then I won’t feel any of the cooling air.”

“Just turn it a bit!”

I turned it and adjusted it so she receives no refreshing cool air.  For the most part I am still warm…the top of my forehead does feel cool and refreshed.

You just have to take what the wife gives you.  



  1. You are lucky that Mrs. C bought you a gadget, even if she had a selfish motive in mind.

    That made me cold, just reading about your ice cube air thingy. Our thermostat (also not hidden under a towel) is set on 74. I have to wear a jacket unless I'm toiling over a hot stove. Hick roams the house in just a pair of shorts. Sometimes ACTUAL shorts, and not the underwear kind.

  2. I hate being cold. Don’t even start me on the ceiling fan arguments that happen here.

  3. You have to admit she made the effort. That was thoughtful. The good thing Joeh is that you will never be bored with eachother.

  4. How kind of Mrs. C was thinking of you! It is difficult when you can't really agree on a temperature to set the thermostat on. We have the same battle, but it's not quite as intense as yours and Mrs. C.

  5. That is a cool gadget (no pun intended). I'll have to show it to hubby as he is the hot one here and I'm the cold one. He's not 100% happy with us keeping the air conditioner set for 78 degrees and sometimes sneaks it down to 77 when I'm not home but I really hate paying any more for electricity than we have to and here the AC is on literally 24/7 from May to October. It definitely is a compromise as you and Mrs. C. know!


  6. I'm laughing because we have the same cube on Jack's side of the bed! I'm always putting on or taking off blankets. Jack loves it cold and I learned to have throw blankets on every chair in the house. Well maybe not every chair but pretty much every place I can put one! Plus I keep a sweat shirt handy! Maybe it's a woman thing?

  7. why buy the thing at all if she doesn't want to feel the cold air? And what about setting the thermostat at 76? Seems a nice compromise, a happy medium between 74 and 78.
    I heat my living room while I'm in there all day, but like my air cold while I sleep, so most nights I have the door to the closed in porch wide open so the cold air comes in for breathing while I am snuggled under the doona.

  8. Oh boy, this is a much more intense version of what goes on in our house, and unfortunately, it's not so unusual. As with so many other things I'm blessed/cursed with being a Libra, so I'm like "sure hon, whatever...". One of the funniest things is the wearing socks to bed 'cause her feet are cold, then she can't sleep 'cause her feet are hot. On and on and on. Love the last sentence, though.

  9. We leave it at whatever temp we can afford to set the A/C or heat at, and i put on covers as needed. There's a biological reason women get cold faster than men, so i just bundle up more.

  10. i used to be one who feel the weather before anyone does whether winter or summer ,but since few years i feel like normally hubby feels too ,

    this sounds nice she brought you a cool gadget which keeps your forehead cool ,the most important area to keep cool right :)

    i so enjoyed the post dear Joe !