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Thursday, June 6, 2024




I don’t believe I’ve ever done anything especially brave in all my years.  I’m not a coward, I am risk adverse, but not a coward.  If called I would serve, and maybe if in different times I would have stepped up to serve.

Anyway, today is a reminder of all those who did serve.  Many voluntarily, some on demand.  All who faced the enemy on that D-Day beach reached deep for bravery I cannot imagine.

Several years ago, I attended the funeral of a friend’s father.  It was a military burial and intensely moving as those services always are.

Afterwards we went to dinner and the discussions were of course on the many exploits and attributes of a man who was truly loved by his family.

The discussion came around to his father’s service.  He apparently was one of the brave soldiers who landed on that D-Day beach and survived. 

The family spoke about how Pop never talked about the war…never.  Except recently when discussing a current movie about the D-Day invasion Pop asked only one question, with a tear in his eye,

“Did they show the blood in the water?”

Thank you for your incredible sacrifice.


  1. So much gratitude for those brave young men. My Dad was one of them. I still remember the look on his face sending my 2 brothers to Vietnam. Thankfully they came home and went on to live good lives. God bless them all.

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    1. Not deleting anymore as it does not seem to stop you. If you want to make asinine comments (clearly not this one) I will read them and let others see them and make their own judgements. It does amaze me that as you clearly dislike me for my not think lock step with you, that you still follow this blog...I no longer really give a shit, life is way too good to care about what you think of me...Cheers!

  3. Though not at D-Day, I have two uncles, a brother-in-law, and a stepson who have served our country in various branches of the military. Thankfully, all have returned safely from their overseas duties, though some not without lingering injuries. One volunteered for multiple tours, because it made him feel that he was doing something that mattered. THANK YOU to all who have served.

  4. I have the utmost respect for our service men and women. I pray we always gives them the honor they are due.