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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

A Thanksgiving Tradition

A Thanksgiving Tradition

In 1963, my senior year in high school we played a football game on Thanksgiving.  Westfield, NJ vs. Plainfield, NJ; the Blue Devils against the Cardinals.  Plainfield was favored by 13 points.  If I was not playing and was a betting man, I would have taken Plainfield and given the points as a lock.
The game took place only a few days after President Kennedy was murdered.  There was thought of postponement, but it went on, one small example of the country moving on after that awful blow to our leadership.
Westfield won in an upset 14 to 12.  My pops filmed this game along with all our games that year on 8mm.  Years after, a Thanksgiving tradition became watching this film with my friend Charley “Ditmus” Widmer.  I have since copied it to DVD.  Charley put it on youtube. 
The tradition continues after 54 years, confirming that we actually won that game.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 20, 2017

So, Pee Already

So, Pee Already

Big doings around the Cranky home this past Sunday.  We do Thanksgiving for family and friends Sunday before the real day.  This means we start cleaning and putting stuff away around Wednesday.  Come Friday, I clean up the bathrooms and save downstairs and kitchen clean-up for after most of the food prep is finished.
On Friday I was almost done with the master bath when Mrs. C came upstairs.
“Are you almost done?”
“Soon, why.”
“I need to pee.”
“Use the down stairs bathroom, I’m saving cleaning that until tomorrow.”
“I’m already upstairs, what is the big deal?”
“I just finished with the toilet.”
“So, what? I can’t use the upstairs toilets until after Sunday?  What about tomorrow when you clean downstairs, do I have to hold it in for a day?”
“No, but I just cleaned this toilet.  I like to let the blue stuff sit for an hour or so before flushing.”
“Well I don’t feel like going downstairs to pee, and then climbing back upstairs again because I have to change to go to the store.”
“OK…So pee already! I’ll clean it again and add more blue stuff!”
“Thank you…JERK!”
Women, they just don’t understand toilet cleanliness.

The Deadliest Jobs


The Deadliest Jobs

This re-run is from October 2011

One of my favorite TV shows is “The Deadliest Catch” on the Discovery channel.  This show, which is about crab fishing in the Alaska Bering Sea, claims that working on a crab boat out of Alaska is the world’s most dangerous job.  While it is indeed a very dangerous occupation, I’m not sure how they determine it is the MOST dangerous.  Certainly a combat soldier is more dangerous; policemen could make a case that their job is more dangerous, firefighters risk their lives on a regular basis, and miners are lost to cave-ins every year.

All these careers can be treacherous, but there are other ways to make a living that might be even more dangerous than these accepted dangerous jobs.  Listed below in order of their potential peril are the 10 most unappreciated dangerous jobs in the world:   

1.      A manager of McDonalds in New Delhi, India

2.     A redheaded freckle faced drug dealer in the South Bronx, NYC

3.     A dradle salesman in Iran

4.     An underwater electrician

5.     Any Al Qaeda leader

6.     A supervisor in the US Postal Service

7.     A bullet-proof vest tester

8.     The quarterback for the Chicago Bears

9.     A sky writer in China… (Think about it!)*

And #10, the most dangerous job in the world

A Danish artist with a syndicated cartoon strip “Oh That Mohammad!”

*Last time around people did not get this, which probably means it is only funny to me.  The Chinese write from Top to bottom, not right to left.  Seems to me this would make sky writing dangerous.  Maybe it's just me.