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Friday, September 30, 2016


A cranky opinion for
The following post is based on the hypothesis that men and women are not the same.  I realize this concept automatically makes me Misogynistic, xenophobic, and I may as well throw in racist.  You may want to delete this and head for a safe space.
If thinking that men and women are not the same is misogynistic, then I am a misogynist.  I don’t believe I am a racist, but the two seem to always go hand in hand.  I’m not really sure what xenophobic is but without even knowing, I am sort of afraid of anything that starts with an “X”.

Please don't beat me up too badly, here goes:

There is an often asserted statistic that women earn only 77 cents for every dollar a man earns.  Not sure how that happens.  Pretty much anyone, man or woman who works for minimum wage earns the same pay.  I believe government positions have pay grades that are difficult to gender discriminate, same job has the same pay by law.  I know from experience; large corporations do not discriminate in terms of same pay for the same grade. 
If there is discrimination (not already covered by three federal laws) in this country, it is discrimination in moving to higher grade positions.  I am sure this discrimination exists and it is one that is probably pretty hard to legislate against and prosecute where legislation may exist.
There are several reasons why this discrimination exists.  There is the perception that women cannot work long hours, that women will be more dedicated to their children than the job, that women will defer to the responsibilities of her spouse’s occupational demands.  There may still be some truth in these perceptions, certainly they were a genuine factor in previous generations.  Still, these perceptions are unfair and need to be mitigated.
There is, however one female trait (warning, massive generalization here) that is a factor in women not getting promotions to a higher grade than men. 
Women are less likely to take credit for what they do.  Men are more competition and confrontation-ally oriented than woman (Once again, massive generalization here).  Men in their competition to get a promotion will take credit for other’s ideas and work when possible.  Men will throw others under the bus for bad ideas and mistakes even if they were also responsible for those mistakes and bad ideas.  Men will exaggerate their accomplishments and brag about their skills.
Women are less likely to throw others under the bus.  Women are more team players and are more likely to include others in giving credit for accomplishments.  Women tend to downplay their abilities and even subconsciously go out of their way to bolster male co-worker’s egos at the expense of the perception of their own abilities, and women who do act as competitively as men as perceived as "Bitchy." 
Women like to please men (relax, remember massive generalization here) and they have learned that men prefer noncompetitive, helpless ladies and not strong tough women.  As a result, women (This is the last time I will say this… massive generalization here) play dumb or incompetent just to get male attention…men think dumb incompetent women are cute.  Women are experts at playing dumb or incompetent to outsmart men and get what they want.  They are experts at getting things done their way and making men think it was their idea to solve a problem.
These traits of women to please men and get their way without ruffling the feathers of their clueless mate work well in the traditional men women roles of earlier societies, today they are the anchors that keep women from breaking through the glass ceiling.
This “pleasing” trait is fading and with it more women will reach the higher pay grades…it is just a matter of time.  As women toughen up and become as mean and attention grabbing as men, the pay grade differential will shrink to zero.
Being called a bitch for being tough will probably never change.
The following was the opinion (and massive generalization) of a cranky old man and not necessarily that of management…Mrs. Cranky.

Thursday, September 29, 2016



OMG, it is Wednesday and I have no post for Friday.  My brain is on hold.  I have a Cranky Opinion post for Saturday that will probably piss a lot of people off.  I should be able to slap together a Stupid Headline Sunday post by…Sunday, and I can always find an old post to re-run on Monday.  By then Mrs. Cranky should do something to give me more material.

In the meantime, I have nothing for Friday.  I could do something on politics, but I am trying like heck to stay away from that.  I could post on my golf playing, but that is of interest to only a very select group…like maybe my brother and then nobody.

I think my mind is just on this weekend.  This weekend is our annual Fraternity reunion weekend.  This tradition began about 18(?) years ago.  It started as a one-day event and now is a Friday night, all day Saturday, and brunch on Sunday event.  The first few years we only talked about the good old days in school and the wives were kind of left out.  The last bunch of years we reminisce about previous reunions and the wives are all part of it.

It is always a great time. 

This year it will be up the road from me in N J at Captain Don’s (formally Squeak’s) estate.  There will be a fun dinner on Friday and most of us will be staying at a nearby hotel…we used to call it “shacking up” seems much more fun calling it that…anyway…

Saturday will be a lot of whatever, maybe golf, maybe shopping, maybe a trip to the city, maybe just hanging out.  Then it will be dinner (barbeque) at Captain Don’s followed by a local band playing music from our college days.  After we will “shack up” (Ooooh) again at the hotel, and finish the next day with brunch at Captain Don’s.

There will be pictures, laughs, memories and maybe a drink or two.  The next couple to host will be announced, (usually the couple who fails to take a step back fast enough) the fraternity flag will be passed and we will have another year’s reunion to look forward to.

Maybe I will take pictures for a post.  

As I said a bunch of posts ago, friends who are old are great, old friends, ones you have known for a long time are great, but old-old friends are the best!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


We just took a new tube of toothpaste from the box tonight.  I realized that the old tube must have lasted almost a year.  

“Don’t you guys brush three times a day” you ask?

We brush.  

We brush regularly.  We just use a dab each time, not a blob like they show on the commercials.   A blob is over-kill, just what the manufacturers want. 
We dab.
That might be where our toothpaste habit similarity ends.

Mrs. C flattens the tube.  I prefer to roll.  I contend that rolling will make that tube last an extra week at least.  She claims that if done properly flattening is the most efficient, unused paste gets trapped in the roll.  

She also claims that rolling is messier, though I have no idea how that works.  Sometimes the logic train does not stop at our house.  I claim that rolling the tube takes up less room on the counter.  This simply results in a loud argument ending “HEAH!”
It is just one of the many differences we have had to learn to compromise on…and by compromise I mean I flatten, not roll.
At least she is not a squeeze from the middle person.  OMG I could not cotton to* a squeeze from the middle person, I would have to roll that middle squeeze right out of the tube and that would not end well.
For a marriage to work there must be compromise and sometimes that means doing it her way.  Fortunately, I am capable of being the bigger person, though I have to confess that the tube we just finished off…
I rolled it and got one more dab before throwing it away.
Do you dab or blob; flatten, roll, or (GASP) squeeze from the middle?
*That expression just came out of the woodwork.