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Sunday, January 22, 2017


This cranky re-run is from January 2012

I read blogs everyday written by young moms, stay-at-home moms, working moms, single moms, older moms, moms with tons of kids, moms of twins, moms with little children, adolescents, and teens.  

The theme of many of these blogs is worry.  Worry about potty training, worry about eating habits, worry about exercise, worry about too much TV, worry about bullying, worry about school. 
I sometimes think how nice it is that my children (3 out of 4) and two steps are grown-up, on their own and doing fine.  Then I realize that I still worry.  

How are their finances, do they know what they are doing? Do they even have a clue about raising my grand-children? Are they driving safely?  Do they need new tires?  Do they check their heating systems every year?  Are they overworked?  Do they party too much?  How is their health? Are they eating right, do they drink too much, can they survive a bad relationship, are they at risk with hobbies of distance running, mountain biking, snowboarding, casino gambling and diversions I do not know about? 

It turns out as a parent you never stop worrying about your children.  As they get older you just can’t express your concern.  Your job is basically done, they are grown and on their own. 

They are probably smarter than are you, and most of your concerns are unfounded.  Offering even good unsolicited suggestions will not be heeded.  Your credibility is tarnished.

That does not mean you do not worry.  You offer advise if it is requested, otherwise you stay silent…and you worry.  You don’t love your grown children the same way as you loved your helpless needy infants, toddlers, adolescents and teens. But you do love them and you do worry.

The fact is that with age your children start to worry about you.  How is your health, are you getting forgetful? Can you still drive safely?  Are you OK?

While helping me with a simple task a few years back, my then 35 year old looked at me with concern and jokingly remarked, “You’re going to be living with me soon aren’t you.”   

At every stage of the parent child relationship your love changes in intensity and direction, but always it is there, and always there is worry.  

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Stupid Headlines 012217

Stupid Headlines 012217
It’s time again for
Makes Sense.


This week’s stupid headlines and my stupider, sometimes sophomoric comments. 


Norwegian mass murderer says prison isolation 'damaged' him – Awww!
Study suggests humans arrived in North America 10,000 years earlier than past estimates – Dates got all screwed up because of that Y10K BC thing.
Authorities to search Manchester home of woman missing 35 years – Let’s see, she’s been missing for 35 years…I’ve got it, check her house.
‘Ice cream killer’ is so dangerous, she’s headed to a men’s prison She killed her husband and boyfriend for not getting her pregnant.  Is sending her to a male prison really a good idea?
Air Force general uses $387G in taxpayer funds to renovate foyer – Well it probably was…er…maybe it needed…ah…you have to realize that…eh…Ah shit, that is friggin excessive!
Man suffers burns after trying to set himself on fire outside Trump Hotel – This is too easy, but someone has to say it… “You’re Fired!”
Actor to Millions of Fans: Aborted Babies Are 'A LOT Cheaper' – But then where would he get those millions of fans?  May I add, “You fu*king idiot!”

Pennsylvania man tried strangling wife after dreaming she cheated – This is why I have made it very clear to my wife that I am not responsible for anything I do in her dreams…unless it is something really good.

No charges for duo who shot amateur porn at railway station – Sometimes the headline isn’t the best part…the explanation for no charges filed: "Because despite the fact the film only surfaced last December, the actual filming happened more than year ago: outside the statute of limitations for charges to be laid."  Is that an editorial Freudian slip?
Box of Jamaican beef patties found stuffed with cocaine at airport – I’ll have what he’s having.
‘Moby Dick’s’ Restaurant Blocked From Opening Because Name Is Deemed Insulting – Building’s owners prefer a classy restaurant like Hooters.
Greyhound with a broken leg leads Spanish vets two miles to her puppies – A good dog story never fails. 

Friday, January 20, 2017



A cranky opinion for

Cranky Opinion Saturday

The preceding is the opinion of a cranky old man who was barely a “C” student.  Opposing opinions are welcome but are wrong.  As always, please, no name calling, and that means you, you big stupid-head!

I’ve promised to not get political in this blog, but it is very difficult.  There are so many issues which as a country we spend so much time debating, that we lose track of what is really important. 

We need to be discussing the economy.  People need productive jobs which pay a living wage.  We have a crime problem, much of which is related to the economy especially in depressed areas.  The air could be cleaner, the water more drinkable, and wildlife could be healthier.  Education can be improved and college graduates should not be saddled with huge debt.  We have international and internal security issues, and then there is health care. 

We have many important pressing issues and yet we waste time worrying about issues that affect only a small portion of our population.  As a public service, I am temporarily appointing myself as dictator to make some declarations ending debate on these minor issues.

1.    Gay people can marry and have all the rights of heterosexual people.  Never mind the Bible says “Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve” (which, by the way it does not) the Bible also says “Do unto others…”  Gay people are “others”, so just stfu and move on.

2.    Transgender people and bathrooms:  Why does this get everyone in an uproar?  Use the bathroom assigned to your gender, unless  there is huge line around the ladies room and the men’s room has empty stalls, then ladies, go ahead, use those stalls…who really cares?  Have a penis and feel like a woman?  Use the stalls in the woman’s room.  If you are a creep, you will be reported just as if you are a creep in the bathroom of your assigned gender.  You may go to jail, you may get your ass kicked.  General rule, “Do not be creepy in the bathroom.” Otherwise just stfu and move on.

3.    If you want to pray in a government building you can.  If you want to hang some simple signs of your faith, it’s ok.  You cannot tell other people how to worship; you cannot be a proselytizing pain in the ass.  If you disagree with someone’s faith and they are not trying to shove it down your throat, stfu and move on.

4.    If you breast feed in public, do it as discreetly as possible.  That is it, very simple.  Don’t just whip it out and dare people to say something, and don’t look, if you don’t want to see someone discretely breast feeding.  Very simple, be discrete and don’t be creepy, otherwise stfu and move on.

5.    Don’t be a bully!  Leave people alone! Be nice.  It is not that hard.  If someone says something that mildly upsets you, get over it and stop being offended by everything.  Simple rule, be nice, stop whining, just stfu and move on.

6. Abortion...I don't like it, but there are situations where it may a legitimate personal choice.  With improved birth control, and less rigid feelings about pregnancies without marriage, it should not be as big  an issue as in years past.  Regardless, abortion is legal and that is not going to change...follow your own convictions, stfu and move on. 

As a general rule; “Be nice, stop whining and don't be creepy” covers most any social issue…be nice, stop whining don't be creepy, stfu and move on.

I now abdicate my position of dictator and leave it up to smart people to solve the real problems of the country and the world.

The preceding was the opinion of a cranky old man and not necessarily that of management…Mrs. Cranky.