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Sunday, January 26, 2020



They say 60 is the new fifty.  Then fifty used to be fricking old.  I’m seventy-three and without looking in the mirror there are many signs that I am getting old:

I used to think about sex every 10 minutes; now I have to be reminded once a week.

I used to root for the Yankees as if my life depended on it; now I think, “Wouldn’t it be nice if the Orioles won for a change.” (I KNOW!)

I used to play and practice golf at every chance I had; now it’s “maybe tomorrow.”

I used to want a fast boat, a sports car, a big house, and a ton of money; now I think all of that would involve a lot of work.

I used to want to spend more time with my kids; now an hour with a grandchild will do.

I used to wake up raring to go; now, I wake up needing to go.

I used to think new stuff was really cool; now new stuff pisses me off.

I used to get all riled up over politics; now I figure it’s someone else’s problem.

I used to bowl a lot and I hated the 10 pin; OK that hasn’t changed.

I used to think 21 was young; now a young person is anyone under 45.

I think that Meryl Streep is hot; while Lindsey Lohan is a snot.

I used to invest based on potential for big gains; now high interest rates and big dividends get me excited.

Everywhere I go I see buildings that “Used to be” something else.

When they play “Oldies but Goodies” I’ve never heard of them.

The last thing that makes me positive that I am getting old is….ah…I’ll get back to you on that one.
Re-run from September 2014.


  1. You've got a few years on me, but I'm trying to put a positive spin on things. ☺ At any rate, getting old sure beats the alternative, yes?

  2. when i was less than twenty i remember i was in awe when i will cross my fifty (well believe it or not it's true for so many reasons)
    now i am happy to be old because i actually found a little bit of understanding of life which i used to witness in old people i encountered and wanted to have
    i am excited for what is next :)))
    i am glad you are positive about it dear Joe
    all you feel is so normal and now i am peaceful to know it's from you because i have started to feel same way long long ago lol

  3. I notice I'm getting old when I can barely get out of bed after doing to much the day before. Everything aches, it takes me minutes to shuffle from bed to bathroom to kitchen, then the first coffee helps to relax the muscles so I can actually get dressed.

  4. Don't worry... they say tomorrow never comes!!

  5. It's good to be old. You can wear your pants all the way up to your nipples and hold them there with belt and braces ... and everyone thinks you're cute.

    God bless.

  6. I can't believe how much new stuff pisses me off, too. And I I play the 'What Used To Be There' game all the time in my head.

  7. Don't look in the rear view mirror, aging might catch you, but there was an awful of head nodding going on while I read that post. Achieving old age is not easy, but still can be a lot of fun and besides we get to poke the young'uns every once in a while and see them cringe. hehehe

  8. Amen! I can get behind them all except for the Orioles win. I still can't let go of my Yanks not winning - but then I'm only 63, it may change like it did for you Joe! :-)

  9. I'm guessing I'm on the same page. Hubby is 72 and I'm 68. It's all good, Joe.

    Have a fabulous day and week. 😎

  10. I can remember when someone passed at 60 I'd say "well at least he had a long life". Now I just groan-- "that's way too young."

  11. It's fun to be on the journey, that's all i know.

  12. Now I'm seeing a vacant lot, and thinking through the list of businesses that it USED TO BE.

  13. The used to be buildings get me every time...


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