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Friday, August 9, 2019

Is Steve Harvey Racist?

Is Steve Harvey Racist?

Steve Harvey is an African American comedian, author, producer, and game show host.  He is very smart, very talented, and very funny. 

I do not think for a minute that Steve Harvey is a racist.  It is my observation that he almost always treats everyone the same.  He will poke fun at many different cultures and races including African Americans.

What is up, then, with this posts title?

Here is the thing.  Steve hosts a game show, “Family Feud.”  It is a funny show, mostly because he is so good as a host of the show. 

The show pits two families against each other in a game that tries to match the audience’s answers to various questions.

Virtually every show pits a white family against a black family.  Steve never shows any favoritism to the black family, or animus to the white family…like I said, he is not a racist.

Whenever a family loses, Steve makes it a point to be gracious with the losers and always says something like,

“Great family, I enjoyed y’all.”

However, when a black family loses, he often, maybe 75 percent of the time, adds,

“I’m proud of y’all.”

Why is he proud of the black family, and not the white family?  Why is he proud of any family, he had nothing to do with their success as a family?

Is he proud of the black families because he is black and they are a credit to their race?  Is that a backhanded racist comment?  If a white host was “Proud of” only the black families would that be looked at through a magnifying glass?

“What does he mean? Why is he proud of any family?”

I do not think for a minute that Steve Harvey is racist, I do think it interesting that he is often “proud of” the black family, and never the white family.  When he is “proud of” the black family, his pride could represent subliminal “racism,” as if he has a different expectation of African American families. 

Both families are always very nice people.  They are generally professionals, teachers, lawyers, or college students.  To be proud, as a black man of a successful black family, could represents racial thinking.

Is Steve Harvey a racist?  Absolutely not, he is far from being a racist.  His “Pride” is just an example of how racist comments can be gleaned from any speech, if someone wants to find racism.

These days it is often easy to find racism where racism does not exist, and to be offended when no offense was ever intended.

What a world!


  1. I'm surprised the show is still on. I remember when Richard Dawson was the host and he was a bit of a sexist type of person.


  2. Perhaps he will read this and switch the comments around. how about as soon as a family has lost, you go and make a cup of coffee, maybe hunt down a hidden dessert, and when you get back his comments will be over.

  3. I don't watch the show but will catch the next one to see him in action and let you know.

  4. Enough to keep your lips zipped permanently.

  5. It’s a mystery. Why don’t you send Stevo a letter and ask him to explain.
    It would probably be a scream because he is one funny guy.

  6. It's not something I would have noticed, but I totally see what you are saying. Let's hope some wacko group doesn't read this post.

  7. Only yesterday, my college son The Pony called me a "classist." I guess -ists are gonna -ist, whether they intend to or not. Somebody will always be there to take offense, whether justified or not.

  8. How about "High five, y'all!"?

    You can't win for losing.

  9. Interesting observation. You are right, he is probably nowhere near being a racist, and had simply never realized how what he is saying could be interpreted by those with an agenda.

  10. I don't watch the show enough to have noticed that but will look for it, in the future. You should send him a link to this blog post.

  11. I agree with Debby. Send him the link.

  12. I'm not much of a game show watcher but I do agree that it's a world where you have to watch everything your say or do and make sure it's not being videoed and put on social media. Big brother is watching...that would make a cool book wouldn't it?

  13. it takes insight to not to be a racist and he seems an enlightened soul

    incredibly intelligent to not giving any chance to media to highlight


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