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Saturday, February 2, 2013





Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday, what better topic for:



I am a football fan with a slightly better understanding than the average fan of the intricacies of NFL football, so since most of the world has an opinion on tomorrow’s game, I am prepared to offer mine.

The experts will tell you several things to watch for tomorrow.  The team that wins the turnover battle will probably win, unless that team cannot first establish the running game.  Of course penalties are important.  The winning team will have to limit penalties.  Special teams often make a difference in the outcome of a close game.  The winning team will have to pressure the quarterback and keep him in the pocket.  The winning team will have to gang tackle and out-block the other team.

To summarize, the team that blocks and tackles the best, pressures the quarterback, has the least number of turnovers and penalties, can establish the running game and has excellent special team play will probably win the game.

Which team will that be? 

Who the frig knows. 

I have done some extensive research of all the past Super Bowl games and it is clear to me that the winning team is always the team that scores the most points.

Cranky’s prediction is that this year, once again the team that scores the most points will be the winner.

Both teams have similar won-lost records, however, based on points scored, and the fact that the team that scores the most points always wins the Super Bowl I am ready to make my prediction for tomorrow’s game:

During this season the Ravens scored a total of 398 points in 16 games.  The 49ers scored 397 points in 16 games.  My prediction therefore is obvious. 
The winner will be (Drum roll!)



By 1 point 28-27

Sorry Uncle Skip.


  1. Uncle Skip is on the side of history and justice.

  2. Which brings us to the question, who cares?

  3. Why are you apologizing?
    You made a perfectly good argument for your prediction...
    ...and you aren't in anyone's face about it.

    That's class as far as I'm concerned.

  4. Besides, if I was from the East Coast instead of SF, I might even be rooting for the Ravens.

    My prediction is that it should be a really good game and the winning coach will be named Harbaugh.

  5. I don't have an opinion about the validity of your prediction, but I'm sure it is at least as valid as any others we've seen. We kind of lost interest around here in who will win when the Broncos got knocked out.

  6. Complete lack of interest in the topic, but I love "Cranky Opinion Saturday".

    Totally copying that!

  7. Let me jump on the prediction bandwagon. I predict that the weather inside the Superdome will be clear, with moderate temperatures.

  8. As my old friend and former neighbor Ron Marciniak was a scout for the Ravens for years I'm gonna root for them. But if former Texas Tech Red Raider Michael Crabtree has a MVP game for SF that would be OK, too.

    I just wanna see a GOOD game!


  9. I agree with your winner, but not the margin. Ravens by 6.

  10. I agree..but more than 1 point. the spread is 3 1/2 SF?!


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